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Holy crap food is expensive!!!!!

Ok ladies what is the average food cost for a wedding event of about 120 people? Right now the place I am considering will do apps (artichoke dip, veggies, cheese and crackers), plates, silverware, napkins, service, clean-up, and a dinner of Chicken, Cod, prime rib (with a carving station), mashed potatoes, veggies, rice pilaf, biscuits, and a salad for $4646. Is this reasonable? Crazy? I have zero frame of reference so I need HELP! Thanks!

Re: Holy crap food is expensive!!!!!

  • Well, that comes out to $38.72 per person.  Does that seem reasonable to YOU?  Personally, I find that outrageous and I wouldn't pay it (I'm cheap), but each person has different limits for their budget.  Does this include use of a venue (sometimes you need to order food through the venue and meet certain minimums because it's technically the facility rental fee as well all rolled up).

    If not, I'm sure you can find a better rate.  I used Bunzel's catering and paid about 1/4 that for 102 people (without the plates/silverware) and different meal options.  I would say it's more average to spend $20-30/person in the MIlwaukee area, though you can definitely find cheaper if you look like I did.
  • Depends on venue as well, if you need to use their cater or not. We paid $60 a person and it included apps, dinner, bar, and staff. We found it to be very reasonable for Milwaukee. All depends on your budget and location:)
    Happy Planning
  • We are going to be at a hall in a park, so the food doesn't have to be through them, and we are bringing in our own alcohol.  (We know a lot of bar owners that can help get the alcohol at cost) The only beverage that price includes is coffee. So all together it is apps, dinner, plates etc, and staff. This is in the Wauwatosa, Milwaukee area.  I love the food choices, and definitely wanted to steer clear of the traditional wedding food, so I feel a little stuck.  
  • that's not really unheard of in this area. However, chicken and prime rib aren't really non-traditional. However, there are many less expensive options out there. 
    Praying for a miracle!
  • I recently got married and paid $31.45 per person, that was for food (chicken, beef wellington, and vegitarian option) and unlimited drinks (wine,beer, soda, juice,milk, coffee). It really depends on the venue you choose. If you pick a place that will let you cater in you have more flexiblity and can get it cheaper ( keep in mind you have to rent food plus table settings). If you have a venue where they are the sole providers for your catering you are at their mercy. Also has a lot to do with the options you pick as well. I would set a budget per person and make your choices based off that, it's really easy to get off track other wise.
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