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negative one anniversary!

Hey is anyone celebrating your negative one anniversary coming up? I'm trying to think of something to give my fiance. We live 3 hours away at the moment and I want to send a small something in the mail. Any ideas? I browsed the card aisle, nothing really makes sense for a negative one anniversary lol. 

Re: negative one anniversary!

  • dolewhipperdolewhipper [wh]orlando member
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    I've never even heard of this. o.o


  • I've never heard of it either, but I think its absolutely brilliant.

    You may want to look at the blank cards. I'm not sure what the selection is like where you live, but at my local stores, there's usually a small selection of pretty cards that are empty on the inside. You could write your own personalized negative one anniversary message to your fiance.

    Seriously though, negative one anniversary? Just brilliant.
  • I've never heard of it called a negative one year anniversary, lol! Cute though.

    I'm planning on getting him a little something just as a cute, "yay one year until we get married!" kind of thing. :) Cologne, maybe, something he could wear on our wedding day? I'm still undecided!
  • Yeah I only mentioned it on here because people are asking me about it! I was thinking of sending him a cute little card and mexican wedding cookies. He was talking the other day about how much he likes them and i guess they are pun-ny!
  • I know this post is a little old, but we totally celebrated our negative one anniversary. We went out to a nice dinner and had some fun chatting about wedding stuff and how life would be different in a year. It was fun and romantic.
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  • We did this and I thought maybe I was corny or crazy :-)

    I read on another site how a couple had date night on the date of their wedding every month and I thought it was cute so we decided to do it. Our first one fell on our -1 anniversary and we had a great time.
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