May 2014 Weddings

Anxiety to the Extreme

my wedding is in the first week in May

Re: Anxiety to the Extreme

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    Trying to do this from my phone and it is not working for me! Ahhh! Adding to my frustration. I'm sorry!
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    Oh my goodness I feel you here--my wedding is May 3 and I'm starting to freak out that it will never be planned. It will be ok though!
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    ditto. And my wedding is the ay before yours - May 2nd!!!



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    Just wanted to add, I'm doing stupid, forgetful, absent-minded things all the time lately. Yesterday I left my keys, including my car key at work (I take a commuter rail line) and my FMIL had to come rescue me with my spare. A few weeks ago, I got off at the wrong train station. The other day, I left my wallet at work. Pretty sure I am losing my dang mind!
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