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Indian-American Hairstyle??

Hi!  We are having an Indian-American wedding.  I will be wearing the white dress for our hybrid ceremony and then changing into an Indian one during the cocktail hour.  My question is – what do I do with my hair??!  I want to wear the Indian headpiece jewelry (tikka-- see below), but not with the white dress.  I can’t get my hair done again in between, so I need something that works both ways.  I have a round face and short-to-medium length hair.  I usually do not (ever) wear my hair up because it makes my round face look rounder, but willing to consider a very partial updo.  I have naturally wavy hair.  Any ideas MUCH appreciated!

Re: Indian-American Hairstyle??

  • Hey thanks Bells:)  Did you have a link you were going to suggest, it didn't come through if so. I'm currently serving overseas so I don't have a regular stylist and we're going to have a destination wedding.  I am definitely practicing with the tikka and it looks good but I have to get it 100% in the center (will apparently need to pack a leveler with me lol).   I'll look at knot pics, I looked for Indian brides pics and most of them have their hair up or their faces don't like anything like mine in shape so I hesitated.  Not wearing a veil so perhaps a bit more flexibility.  Anyway thanks again!
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