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When to register

Hi Ladies!

Im not sure when i should register. I see that some ladies have registered already (8-10 months out) but have read you register anywhere from 4-10 months before the wedding. Am I okay to start a small list now? Thanks!

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Re: When to register

  • That's what I did! Started 2 registries and check the websites every so often to see if anything new has arrived that we might need or want to add.
  • You can never start too early. I started to register back when I first got engaged (December 2012) and I think I pretty  much just finished. 
  • I think you can register anytime, but should register by 6-8 months. It depends on when you're having your bridal shower. We're 8 months out and I'm planning to register in March/April (haven't had time yet!)
  • Here's something strange - where I'm living, the stores don't release the list until 3 months or 6 weeks before the wedding...anyone else have something like that?

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