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Steampunk Theme?

My wedding and reception are steampunk themed. I have my bridesmaids with oil lanterns and a clockwork hair pin for me and my maid of honor. Debating adding a leather belt to my dress. Chalkboard signs, skeleton key card holders. Any more Ideas?

Re: Steampunk Theme?

  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago member
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    Jigga what? A Steampunk theme? IMHO, the only theme a wedding should is love and marriage.
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  • If you ARE going to do this theme, I feel like copper should definitely be part of your color scheme.
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  • Are you really going to look back at your wedding pictures in 20+ years and be glad you chose a costume theme?

    I mean, I would've loved to have a Renaissance faire wedding but I'm not sure I'd be pleased enough with the decision years later and want to show those pictures to my kids and so on.
  • MollyandDMollyandD member
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    My friend had a gorgeous steam punk wedding. She put an old telescope out as decoration, had golden gears painted under her French manicure, and had a very mechanical looking cake.

    I think it's a beautiful theme, and I don't think you would regret it. It can be done to look elegant, but can go costumey if you aren't careful. Steam punk is very Victorian era meets machine.
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    There are some really nice centerpieces on pinterest. Make sure to include copper or some kind of metal in your color scheme.

    I'd probably skip the leather belt, at least for some pics.

    And gears. Lots of gears.

  • I think the leather belt fits the theme nicely, but I think @chibiyui is right that you might not want to wear it the whole time.
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    There's lots of ideas on Facebook: wedding
    On Randy to the Rescue, a bride was having a Stempunk theme and Randy used the stuff she brought in a box to show him what she meant by Steampunk, he made accessories for her.  Her name is Theo
  • If the leather belt will add to your dress, go for it, if it will look ackward or take away from the beauty of the dress, skip it. I do agree that there needs to be a top hat either on you with a veil attached or for the groom. I don't know much about steam punk, but I think you can do this theme in a way that respresents you very well but will also be very classy by not going crazy/over the top with the theme.

    Will long strands of pearls work into the look?

  • Steampunk? me too! We're going with this theme because we do like tinkering and such, and some of it's really beautiful if you balance it out right. We've wanted to make more steampunk things for years but had no good place/purpose for the end result. So when I mentioned it to the FI he wanted to jump right in. Also we've targeted friends who love the theme to much, to pass on that its NO COSTUMES, but they can help the day of fixing (if it happens)/arranging decorations if they want instead. We are keeping a lot of traditional elements but accessorizing it with something off-beat.

     I like the leather belt idea, and see where you are going. Somehow leather seems too hard to have with the dress, and kind of pirate-like (I've add a leather belt to many outfits and friends start calling it a pirate accessory when I was trying to make it more steam punk, maybe it's the specific belt, maybe it's my friends, who knows) So it might get too costume-like. Try a nice ribbon or some lace or with an interesting broach/gear in the center? It still stays delicate and fitted like the dress, but has a vintage/steampunk feel to it. Or go without, less is more sometimes. I was actually thinking on making a beaded belt from a pre-made sash/tie that has a few watch gears here and there stitched in (like sequins) backing a glass/seed bead. But I need to pick a dress first, and see if that idea works to embellish the dress then.
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