Caterer: Ball'n Biscuit

Hello Milwaukee wedding board!  I'm helping my sister plan her wedding this fall and we were wondering if anyone here has gone with Ball'n Biscuit as their caterer?  They are a small operation, so I'm not finding many reviews.  Their menu sounds amazing, but hoping to get some "real life" feedback on them.  Anyone?

Re: Caterer: Ball'n Biscuit

  • @UliGarfield

    I have never heard of them and neither has my fiance. That would worry me a little bit. I would say to make sure you have a taste test / sampling with them before making a decision. If you don't like the food, it doesn't matter how good the reviews are.
  • I've never heard of them. I'd be worried about not being able to find much for online reviews.
  • The few reviews I see are good. Maybe set up a tasting with them and while you are there ask about past weddings they have done? Usually smaller operations just don't get that much publicity it doesn't mean they are bad. 
  • We went with a smaller caterer, Tall Guy and a Grill - just opened up a store in Tosa. So far, he has been great! We had our tasting and the food was outstanding. He has put together a custom menu for us to fit the Pabst brewery theme. I had looked at Ball n' Biscuit, but liked a  bit better what Tall Guy could do.
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