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So I'm trying to do the impossible and find a baker or a cake that will not cost an arm and a leg.  We just don't have money left in our budget to pay $2-$3 a slice (which to me is ridiculious for a piece of cake).  I just can't justify paying over $500 for a cake.  So anyone know of a baker that charges LESS than $2 a slice?  Or any other ideas besides cakes and cupcakes?  If any of you have done a show cake and a sheet cake in the back...who have you gotten your show cakes/sheet cakes from?

FYI: We aren't doing cupcakes and they're almost as expensive anyways. 

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  • I know someone but do you have to have someone from a licensed baker or whatever? Where is your wedding located?
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  • I recommend Rick's Bakery. (It's who I'm using) I do not know the cost per slice, but for about 200 people it is under $500. We are doing the sheet cake thing and are saving about $75 doing so. Also, she will give you a certificate for an anniversary cake. That was a SWEET bonus!
  • Right now, I think I am making my own cake, but I sought out quotes in case that changes and Rick's Cake was who I will be going with if I change my mind and that was based on the low price.  I would be having a smaller display cake with a sheet cake in back and I really think many brides do that now.  For about 130 people to do that, it was just over $200 in my quote.

    Another option would be to do a "normal" cake (1 tier round) with a cute display/picture - my friend did a camping scene with bikers.  It was just a typical size cake you might order for a birthday party.  She had the guests fed with sheet cake (Sam's club has great rates) and the wedding party was served the smaller special cake.
  • if you're not set on cake- i always wanted to do an ice cream sundae bar which you could easily do under $2/person. 
  • Have you thought about a dessert bar?

    I went to a wedding where instead of a cake, the bride ordered a variety of small desserts from Walmart (cheesecakes, brownies, pies, cakes, cookies, etc.), picked them up the day of the wedding, and had a pretty dessert bar display. It was a big hit and they saved money!

    Another friend's reception venue didn't require her to use a licensed baker, so she had several family members make 1-2 different desserts (pies, cakes, cookies), and did a dessert table. She also had a small professionally made cake that was just for the bride and groom to cut and take pictures with.
  • I ordered from Walmart (LINK) I suggest you stop in and look at the different designs available. The store has a brochure that has many more choices than what is pictured on their website. Also, i didn't know it at the time, but I could have asked for a sample to try it out,

    I don't have my pictures yet, but mine kinda looked like this:

    I didn't order any flowers or special designs from Walmart, except for the beading on the edges. I ordered edible fall leaf cake decorations from this ebay seller (LINK)  and just placed the leaves on the cake after I picked it up.

    Here's my review:
    (C) Walmart (27th St, the one in Oak Creek) When I went to pick it up the night before, it  wasn't ready at the time promised. So making an extra trip back was a little annoying. The second trip back, my heart fell to the ground. I wasn't happy the way it turned out. The cake decorator came out and told me immediately she wasn't happy either and that it was definitely not her best work. Basically, the pearls (tiny circular dots on the edges) were much bigger than they should have been and the frosting just wasn't very smooth. They offered me the cake half off, so I took it.

    When I got it to the hall, I placed some leaves made out of gum paste that I ordered from an ebayer. This made my cake look 100 times better and I received many compliments on it. I would just say that Walmart's definition of white cake is yellow to me; but I confirmed that it was indeed white cake. The butter-cream frosting was awesome and the cake was moist. So no complaints there. They are really reasonable for a "wedding cake." I honestly can't say that I would still have gone somewhere else if I would have had a crystal ball. The extra touch of adding my fall leaf cake decorations really did the trick.
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  • What about having a small cake for you and your FI to cut, and having the rest be sheet cake in the back?  It's usually cheaper that way.
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  • I'd check into sheet cakes or cupcakes at a grocery store.  Pick n save here does good cake (if you get the buttercream icing) and cupcakes are only about $8 for a dozen. 

    Or at a bakery you can get a small tiered cake (like 2 layers) for cutting and do sheet cakes for the majority of the guests.  That will cut down on your costs significantly. 
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  • We're doing Simma's bakery which is expensive, but we're doing the small cake with sheet cakes in the back trick.

    The neat thing is that we can have them make the sheet cakes the same flavor/layers as the tiered cake, so nobody wonders hmm... why does THAT cake look different?
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    Thanks everyone!  I think we're going with the Walmart idea.  We're going to do a simple 3 tiered white cake with no fillings and decorate it with flowers and cut that.  Then we're going to have 3 different sheet cakes in the back with fillings.  We have a total of 220 guests and it will cost us just under $300 which is great!  Plus the tiered cake we don't use at the wedding, we will use it for the next day during the gift openning so it's a win/win. 
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