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Benachi House or City Park

Hi all,

Me and my fiancé are down to the wire and trying to decide between the Benach House and the Conservatory/Botaniacal Gardens at city Park. There will be about 125 people mostly coming from out of town and we're trying for the end of September.

We like the DIY aspect of the Benachi house but the all inclusiveness of City Park is pretty appealing.

Does anyone have advice on the two?

Re: Benachi House or City Park

  • We were also choosing between City Park and the Benachi House, and we decided to go with the Benachi House (BH).  While City Park was a great option, we really preferred the freedom of picking our vendors at the BH, but I would strongly urge you to have a planner (even day of planner is great) if you do go with the BH.  

    Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions about the BH.  I was hesitate at first about going with the BH because of some of the reviews, but when we did the walk through the place was fine and the owner was pleasant. 
  • Thank you.  We ended up choosing the Benachi House in the end for the same reasons.  I would love to ask a few questions and be PMing you shortly.
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