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Photographer Issue - 5 months after the wedding!

Long story short, our photographer did not provide us photos until 10 weeks after the wedding (contract stated no more than 8 weeks). Put together a sample album for us (album was included in contract), and we asked her to make a few changes and send us a final proof back. 

We sent her our changes a month ago. I e-mailed her 2 weeks response...3 weeks later...she apologized for the delay and let me know she would have something for me to look at within the next couple of days. Then radio silence for the last week and a half. I've called (once) and e-mailed (twice) with no response. 

I am tired of the back and forth. What can I do, or how can I communicate to her that I need this project wrapped up more efficiently?

I know the album will take a while once it is in production, which is why I think it's important to get the design finalized sooner rather than later...

Any advice would be helpful!

Re: Photographer Issue - 5 months after the wedding!

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    What does your contract with them say? Do you have any money you haven't paid them yet? Say for the prints, album, etc? You need leverage points in a situation like this in order to make a contract work towards your advantage. Most people with vendors don't always read the contracts and find tricky clauses where they protect themselves and promise you nothing. Hopefully this isn't the case.
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    I agree that you need to consult your contract, and send her an e-mail explaining that [these] are the terms of the contract, and she's not meeting them. You understand that she may be hitting a busy time of year; however, she is required to provide the services agreed upon, in the timeframe agreed upon.

    You always have the option of filing a complaint with your local BBB. Legally, they can't do anything; however, they can be good as a point of mediation, and many people consult the BBB when researching professionals and businesses, and seeing a complaint lodged against her can affect her reputation and her business. This could be motivation for her to resolve this in a timely manner.

    Finally, you always have legal action to fall back on, if things get really dire. A good civil lawyer can advise you of your options.

    Good luck!

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    Did you purchase wedding insurance for your contracts?  Photographer failure is the top claim, and this issue falls within what is typically covered.  They would likely cover the expense of turning over the photos to another company who can complete the incomplete items in your contract.
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