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Wedding Woes


1. I had a dream @O-face was a unicorn eating a banana last night.

2. I threw away my nursing pillow this morning.

3. My kids are eating me out of house and home.  That's nothing new, but how the hell am I going to feed them without a kitchen. I swear I spend all day filling cups and plates.

Re: Randoms

  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I feel like I had a nightmare last night, but I can't remember details. I guess that's good?

    I'm not looking forward to our kitchen demo later this year :|.

  • mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    6-1 and 3 made me laugh and 2 made me go "awww!"

    This day already has one or two up on me.  

    DefConn was up around 12:30am...hollering.  He wants ice water and to rock.  I get him his water and we go to rock and I bash the shit out of my pinky toe on his glider.  I iced it and didn't get back to sleep until around 1am. 

    I'm breaking up with my alarm because it ruins my dreams.  I was having a particularly good dream where DH and I were having hot bcbc.  We didn't get to finish because of my stupid, stupid alarm.  

    While my physical PMS (cramps and all that jazz) has gotten better since having a kid, my mood swings are ridiculous. Throw in all the BS that's going on right now and I feel like a basket case. Activity/working out does help and at least it's only a couple days a month.  But damn, I'm over this.  I know I'm feeling/being irrational and I hate it.  
  • MrsC you have a lot going on right now.  It's no doubt your mind and body would be all over the place.  Hope the toe gets better soon.  We're putting the glider in the garage sale and I can't wait.  
  • Our nursing pillow still gets constant use--Buffy lays on it for diaper changes and I use it to lay on the floor w/ her at night and read stories.

    Buff was up early, playing 'rescue hero' today. Daddy Jaguar fell down a waterfall and had to be saved.

    I feel like crap--but you knew that.  I'm done w/ the antibiotics for the stupid ingrown toenail.  Apparently they weren't the major cause of my nausea and headaches (I didn't think they were but, I was hoping) 
    It's 10 am and I've already infuriated my boss, drunk 2 cups of coffee (which I only drink for headaches, not normal) and am on my 2nd can of cola.  

    A friend of the mr's took all of our old furniture yesterday, because he's getting divorced (boo!  I like them both).  In insisted we HAD to get rid of the lamp from evilgrand-MIL--because, damn, it was ugly (she had the sort of taste that...oh, it's what a 7 year old THINKS rich people would like, you know?).  THe friend is a firearms nut and is going to use it for target practice, which makes me happier than if he were going to use it.
    He also took, to give to the equivilent of a frat, the old terrycloth covered rose-sofa that belonged to my grandparents--YAY for cleaner basement.

    Oh, and my cat attacked him.  As per usual.
  • THe friend is a firearms nut and is going to use it for target practice, which makes me happier than if he were going to use it.


    I love it. 
  • I'm purging stuff too.  In 12 hours I've got a taker for an entertainment unit we used for small kitchen appliances, a microwave cart I used for cookbooks, and the frig.  No takers on my light fixtures, but I don't care if those get donated.
  • Oh man, I'm a unicorn eating bananas?  I wonder if it was mole+fb post.  Probably.

    All I can think is, "would a nursing pillow have breast milks all over it!?!?".  SMRT

    I love that your friend is going to shoot up a lamp, GBCK.  That's awesomely funny.

    My randoms:

    Office was freezing the last few days, apparently someone turned down the thermo to 66 degrees, which made it ssssuper cold.  I turned it up and down 1 degree last week...ONE, not 4. 

    I read so much my neck has been killing me...d'oh.  I read an entire book yesterday evening...lurve.

    Nothing else to report.  Oh!  Friend is due March 12, first baby.  She somehow thinks that in the event baby doesn't arrive by then, she'll be okay hosting a group of College girls on the 14-16.  Um no...you crazy. 
  • I assume FB+mole is the reason for the dream.

    Yes a nursing pillow would be covered in milk.  At least mine was.  It's washable though. 

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