Wedding Stress?

Anybody feeling stressed about the wedding? 
Mine is 4 months away!!!!!!  I'm feeling the time crunch but can't seem to get things crossed off the list.  I have a lot of bounce - back tasks (you set up the meeting with the florist but then she asks you to send her photos of your vision, so that's a bounce back task on your to do list). 

Any tips for dealing with the stress?  I don't have a lot of people to delegate tasks to, so I'm feeling the weight on my shoulders!

Is it possible that all the details will come together somehow at the end?

Re: Wedding Stress?

  • Get a day of planner, a good one will do more than just the day.  They will reset you, help you figure out the main details and cover the things you can't.  Worth the money just cause of the help they will provide.  

    I had Kia from Estoccasions.  She was stunning!   I know Carisa from CR Socials is a favorite on here too!  

    Or just take a break, refresh, see friends and then come back strong and ready to go.
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  • Ugh I agree!!! I have a day of planner because that's what worked within our budget. I've tried to relegate myself to wedding duties for ONLY so many hours per day/week/etc. It helps so I don't get bogged down and fall into a rabbit hole of wedding things I can never escape from.

    Also, I tried to throw in something fun with this not fun ones. Like I put shopping for something (which is fun to me) in with e-mailing all the vendors to set-up final meetings.

    Good luck! I'm thinking a spa day is the only way though ;)
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    i am in the same boat take a breath and breathe your in bridal overload like i was a few months ago take a day to relax and not think about anything wedding grab some girllies and go get manis pedis get some dinner hit up the bar/club for some drinks

    or just take a nice relaxing day and read a book, going out with friends helped me  but when i am supper stressed i take out my notebook and start writing or i read

    i still need to get invites

    find a limo

    figure out favors

    touch base with dj

    alterations on my dress
    veil jewelry
    wedding party gifts


    im also 4 months away in june

  • Definitely starting to feel a little stressed. We are just under 3 months from the wedding. But I'm trying to really prioritize the essential things (i.e., invitations, rehearsal dinner, gifts for the bridal party) and if we have time/budget for the second-tier things (i.e., photobooth, slideshow, fun signs for the reception) then we'll make it work or just say eff it!

    Just keep remembering what the actual day is about. You are the only one who will notice if the details aren't quite what you envisioned.

  • I am starting to make lots of lists! 
    An A list, B list, and C list.  A = most important or time-sensitive B = less urgent C = not urgent right now
    As time goes on you can move some B list items to A list (depending on deadlines) and hopefully cross some items off as you do them

    I've also noticed I'm much more productive and successful with wedding planning during the day.  Vendors are more available Mon - Fri 9-5 so I try to use my lunch hour to do wedding planning. 

    I'm also taking comfort in that I have most of the big stuff (like booking vendors, picking the date and location, guest lis) done, just need to tie up loose ends and take care of small details. 
  • I so envy the brides who can plan their wedding while at work (in addition to using their lunch hour)!!!!   For example, if your boss isn't hovering and can't hear you on the phone.
  • I saw on fb today that Kia is running a DOC sale for 2014 weddings where she's charging $1,000 flat rate for the day.
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  • I envy brides who have a lunch hour! I spend my "lunch hour" returning phone calls and charting....sigh. Thank goodness we've had a long engagement or I'd never get things done...
  • I am very lucky to have my own office and a boss that doesn't care too much about making personal calls during business hours but I still don't feel like I have enough hours in the day to get everything done!
  • I am with you girls on feeling the stress. My wedding is 100 days from today and there are so many things to do still. I've got a ton done but there are certain things you can't do until closer to the wedding. A checklist definitely helps. If anyone is looking for an event planner or day of wedding coordinator this place does both and they are awesome -
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