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Wedding Woes

Anyone watching Drag Race?

My friend that I always gossiped w/about this show is gone.

I really loathe Gia Gunn.  Mean girl alert!  And Laganga Estranga is trying way to hard.  She's annoying.  I don't have a favorite yet, but I think April Carrion is going to go far, she's just toooooo pretty.

I can't wait for ViVacious to start reading some of these young drag queens to filth about their behavior.  

Re: Anyone watching Drag Race?

  • I need to watch, maybe tomorrow? Work and my child not sleeping Sunday night had meant I skip t.v.in the evenings and go to bed so far this week.

  • VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    edited February 2014
    The logoTV app also has the first 10 minutes of episode 2 on it.

    ETA:  the only reason that's nice is that they did a different opening this year, that I really like.  I hope they keep it.
  • Yeah, I week watch it over the app. Wonder if I can cromecast that .. will have to look! I am excited to see the new opening.

  • Or not, seriously? No android app? Bah.

  • I know.  I wonder if it's going to stay exclusive or if they just haven't done it for android yet (it can be harder to program for android).

    Milk is going to freak me out.  He's a helluva handsome guy, but Milk is more of a performance art performer.  

    Oh and I love BendelaCreme.
  • Milk is so....odd!

    She totally adds the excitement though! I love seeing what shes going to come out with next.

    After the last epidode I love adore delano!


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