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  • gtgm89 said:
    lkristenj said:
    @gtgm89 - I've been house hunting too. We close on June 11th and it feels like I have no mental capacities for anything but the house. I'm going crazy. If I can't find some sanity soon, I'll be spiraling into despair in no time. All these good things are happening and I'm too stressed to enjoy them.
    l know what you mean. I'm thinking about all the things we have to get done all the time, but I freeze and do nothing. You do have more things done than I do!! :) We need to chill and start enjoying the process.
    My only update is that I registered last weekend, so yay! :) 
    And tomorrow I'm putting down payments on flowers, rentals (tables, chairs, linens and glassware), and booking an appointment for a tasting with the caterer on July (I can't go down there before that).
    The thing that worries me the most is the dress. It's very annoying that I don't even want to go and try them because I feel sooo fat (20 extra pounds). I feel that if I go right now I will hate everything and cry a LOT and not for good reasons. Everybody keeps telling me that I'm running out of time, that I have to buy the dress ASAP, but I still want to wait a couple of weeks, I've already lost 25 pounds, but I'm having a harder time losing weight lately. I really don't know what to do about it. Sorry this turned into a dress vent... but I really needed it.

    About the house, what really helps me get through the stressful stuff is picturing us already living there :) sipping wine on the roof garden, cooking dinner together in our awesome new kitchen, etc. It reminds me that it's all worth it and keeps me sane and away from fries and milkshakes..:)
    But as I said, we have to STOP being more stressed than happy, or we'll go crazy and regret it later. We're in the same boat here, so I feel you. PM me so we can rant together about houses if you want.. ;) good luck!

    I'm about 50 lbs overweight, so I completely understand. I do have a dress ordered and it should be here in July. I ordered it in early March, so if you do wait, you might have problems. I think that me ordering in March was actually a little late. My alterations won't be done until August at the earliest, perhaps September, and I still need to do bridal portraits and whatever else. They can always take it in IF I lose weight (though it means more money in alterations) but they can't make a dress arrive in 3 months when it takes 5 to make. They are making it for my height (I'm short so I did hollow-to-hem measurements) and the size measurements are nearly identical to mine. My waist only 1/2 an inch smaller than the size measurement, while my bust and hips are identical. So, if I don't lose weight, it will likely fit me perfectly once it comes in. Still, I hate the way I look right now and hope I can still change that.

    The house is wonderful and I can't wait to live there. We're doing a leaseback so we won't be moving until August. Still, June 11th is coming fast and I hope everything remains on track. Things are good on our end but the sellers, who were very friendly and responsive before, have stopped talking or giving any feedback. So that's worrying.

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    "They say there's no such place... as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on. But, in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me... It says, 'Search for Paradise.' " - Kiba, Wolf's Rain

  • Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journeys! 

    I bought my dress in October (off the rack, I guess I should have waited but the checklist said I should buy it and I didnt know any better) and now Im trying to trim up my arms a bit for photos. I have also started eating clean and FI is being supportive with that. I even refused ice cream yesterday, and I am loving ice water in the evenings. Weekends might be tough. I like wine on weekends.... 

    As for the rest of the stuff though we are good. My invites should come in really soon, dress accessories are done, photog booked, BM's in the process of ordering their stuff, flowers ordered, officiant booked, DJ booked, venue booked, rings bought, cake ordered. 

    To do: Dress alteration, song selection, send invites, food tasting, final flower demo, favors, and all the stuff after RSVP's like seating etc. and October will be the marriage license. My wedding is pretty small.... 

    ETA: wow, wall of text. Hope it is fixed now...
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  • November 7, 2014 Wedding here and it looks like I am the only one. From your comments, I see that I am so far behind. I only have my venue and make up artist confirmed. How did May, almost June arrive so fast?? Finding a dress is taking longer than I'd anticipated, not to mention the10-15 lbs. I need to lose. HELP!!!
  • 11-29 as well. I've booked the venue, have my dress and veils (had them for a few months because of the David's Bridal sale), have already bought table decorations (can't beat 75-90% off post Christmas for silver items), and just printed my Save the Dates today at work (work in a printing dept.).

    I'm only having a bridal bouquet for flowers, so that will wait. We're still deciding on cakes/cup cakes, but want to book soon being right after Thanksgiving. I'm still considering the photographer, and may for a little while as that too isn't super important to us. We just decided on type of food last night.

    The most important thing we still need to look into and book is the officiant...we're a little picky on that.
  • November 15 here!  I have pretty much all of the big things done: venue, caterer, band, cake, dress, tuxes, bridesmaids dresses, hair and make up trial (scheduled, not done), officiant, photographer, photo booth, videographer, ceremony music, STDs have been sent, so we're looking pretty good right now.  We're not having a florist (major allergies), so I'm making our flowers and those are in the works and coming along nicely.  All that's left to do is pay for everything...UGH!  I will say though, I went a little crazy over getting all the big things booked so that I wouldn't have to stress about it later because we will be moving over 4 hours away at some point before the wedding (date unknown, gotta love work transfers!)  
  • jonathanschloe I hope your transfer goes well.  It's good to do whatever you can to reduce the stress.

    I'm a weirdo.  I took TheKnot's checklist and took it like it was gospel.  I am following it to the letter, though the more I hear, the less rigid I have to be with certain timelines, especially since I am not getting married during peak wedding season.  I too hate leaving things until I am forced to deal with them, so I try to get stuff booked and signed and deposits down early.
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  • I just met with my first photographer yesterday and it was a little disappointing. He does  more studio work but has shot a few weddings and is looking at building his portfolio. It's his 2nd "job", more like a hobby, and some of his pics are great and others are so-so. The red flags - he prefers cash (which is cool if I get a receipt) AND he doesn't have a contract! No Thank You! I have an appointment this coming weekend with someone who's still within my budget but on the high end. As I was cleaning out/organizing my in box, I found someone else I had contacted a month ago who's in between the two prices.


    Just got back from a meeting with my #1 choice florist and am super excited that my estimate for flowers was spot on! I found a bouquet that I liked and they can create it for less than what I budgeted for - but I'm going to be purchasing the feathers to go in it (instead of them so I know exactly what they will look like) so when it's all said and done it will be about the full budget.


    Now I just need to book an appointment for the bakery I'd like to use and see what it would cost to create a similar cake for the number of estimated people (and if I have too much cake that's fine...'cause I LOOOOOVE cake!).

  • I had my tasting yesterday.  It went well (I choked on my entree and almost died but that's totally my fault so whatever) and we decided to go with both chicken and beef as options.  

    MIL pitched a complete fit that this 4 star venue would not make a plain burger for picky 15 year old BIL (BIL is not allergic, does not want to try something new, knows he will hate everything presented) and the venue offered chicken fingers as a menu option instead, because that is what is provided on the children's menu.  This plate of chicken fingers is going to be the most expensive he ever ate.... I am not sure why she is so fixated on a plain burger as they were given options, but she has decided this is a hill worth dying on and wants to find out how this is possible.  She upset me by saying that accommodating the best man's religious vegetarianism and not her youngest son's burger is unacceptable.  I found it really insulting that she spat on my friend's religion.  Talk about insensitive.  

    When FI was at his mother's wedding 15 years ago people ate what was presented or starved.  I can't believe she's being so unreasonable about our food and couldnt give a crap about her own 15 years ago.

    A&W is nearby.  Maybe they can go there?  I have a feeling that won't go over well.

    But yeah the tasting was really delicious, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
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  • I got my flowers and a few other things (card box, other decorations) yesterday.  Sunflowers and wildflowers. I had it envisioned in my head but actually seeing them together (silk), I got excited, especially with the little extra details we found to put in it.  

    My mom finally agreed to pay for the food (the only thing she is paying for, everything else we are paying for - it's my second wedding, his first) so we just have to decide between the 2 people we have narrowed it down to.  I have my definite opinion but since she is paying for it now... 

    Also spoke to my photographer today (he was a friend of my dad's), waiting on him to get back to me.

  • I'm just doing a small ceremony and dinner the only thing I have done is ask my aunt to officiate the ceremony and fight with family about who is getting invited. So compared to me you are ahead of the game. I'm just thinking I have until the 24th of November so hey I still have time.  I will say we almost have our ceremony location and dinner location booked.
  • We are getting married 11/1. So close yet so far. I have my dress, accessories, venue, officiate, and just finalized the cake last week. A lot of stuff happened recently so I found out my budget is cut more than half!! :( So I'm having to figure out a way to make it all happen.
  • I'm sorry to hear that! I'm sure you're already thinking of ways to cut back, and it sounds like you're not locked in to too much yet, but if you need any help we can sure try!
  • Tonight I ordered:

    - Escort Cards
    - Thank You Cards
    - Table Numbers
    - Table number holders

    I'm slowly getting there.  

    I booked my vacation time today too.

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  • Finally have an officiant. 

    Still don't have a caterer, wedding is 11/8. Still to do: a few small decorations, some signage, print and assemble invitations, finalize seating chart, redo bouquets, final dress fitting, engagement pictures, write ceremony timeline and vows. 

    Oh, and I have to update my driver's license (address change) in order to get my birth certificate so that I can apply for the marriage license then after the wedding get another new license with my new name. Oy!

    Then, make the wedding cake!

  • Tomorrow we finalize the cake/cupcake details.  FI is giddy about this.  Seriously.  This lady is meeting us at 9:30am an hour away and FI wants cupcakes for breakfast.

    I just reached out to my flower gal to finalize the flowers and make that final payment.  

    That leaves 4 deposits to go:
    - Officiant (paid on the day)
    - Venue (final count, and a few details 7 days prior)
    - DJ (she lives 3 mins from the venue.  That's going to be an expensive day if we do both this deposit and the venue all at once, lol)
    - Photog (he gets paid on the day.)

    FI is sad that he can't go with me to the florist, but he has physio and she's on the other side of town, near my work.

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  • So, my to-do list is fairly small and is TOTALLY DOMINATED by paying for things. AGH. I would say we'll basically be paid on 97% of all wedding expenses by 10/14 which is both terrible and awesome. I can't wait for 10/15 when giant balances aren't looming overhead. I am really, really weighed down by these costs and I'm trying not to be too hard on myself for not cutting costs at the beginning. Regrets are no bueno, so I'm trying to forget about it. So, bring on 10/15!!! Agh! Sorry had to get that out.
  • Since FI and I are off for the remainder of this week, we did a bunch of wedding stuff today.

    - Two cards came in the mail, so we addressed thank you cards for the money sent right away.
    - FMIL called in a panic because FBIL's suit went to the wrong place, but it was rectified.  Everyone's suit is ready.  Fi is checking out the suit on Friday and on Saturday FI and his best man are picking up the remainder of the suits.
    - My one bridesmaid got a ride into the venue so I do not have to worry about her.
    - We bought candy and assembled favors today.  We ran out of candy and had to go back and get more.  80 dollars worth of candy >_>  Oops.
    - We bought a guest book and a card box today (the card box is a bird cage that can be repurposed for a plant holder later.  Yay!  Recycling!)
    - I've started packing a few things to throw in my car for Saturday (The day we go to the in laws for a quick lunch and check in at the venue).  Mostly makeup, tide sticks, oil blotting papers, tissues, Cards Against Humanity etc.
    - Despite my DOC no longer working there (ugh...4 days to go and you get canned?  Fine!  I don't need you.  We are on our 4th coordinator now......*bitchface*) I feel okay.  I know exactly what's going on and I have support.  Life is...dare I say it...okay.

    At this point, I'm just assuring FI that everything is okay.  He's tired.  We're on the homestretch, he can see the finish line, and he's so over it.  He want life to go back to normal.  He wants to be my husband.  I want to be his wife.  I can relate, but I'm trying to be that girl that keeps urging him on.  It's going to be so much fun!  Just a little bit further!!
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  • My last week day off before the wedding to take care of things. Got the judge paid, the marriage license, and our rings inspected (FI will get them cleaned before the wedding). We don't have everything yet but we can at least get married at this point!
  • We dropped all of our stuff off at the venue (insert massive sigh of relief) and had our final walk-through.  I am almost entirely packed for the honeymoon. All vendors have been paid.  I know I should enjoy this and just relax until the day is here, but I feel like I surely must be missing something and should immediately come up with another project. 
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  • @CTYankeeBride Just Relax! If you have everything done that you had planned and you've paid off everyone, I wouldn't start a new project for the wedding. If you feel like you need to do something wedding related, why don't you start planning for post wedding? Picture frames or scrapbooking comes to mind.
  • I've started to clean my house now that we can find the dining room again.  I've also finally put away our shower gifts.  I won't use them before the wedding but they needed to come out of the dining room/ living room also.  Also, FI was going to drop off shirts to have them pressed and I was all "hand them over!" so I'm really replacing my wedding projects with home things.  Fine by me- it's productive, it keeps me distracted, and helps the time go by.  

    I do scrap book but I'm going to wait and do that post- wedding so I have a project for snowy days. 
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  • OMGGG.

    I have to finish a few tiny decorations, make favors, make escort cards, and finish centerpieces.

    Okay it felt like a lot more before I listed it.  I guess I'm doing okay.
  • To do
    boys haircuts, brooch for my mom, get a mani, pedi and eyebrow wax, pay photographer, contact officiant and hair and makeup stylists. 11 days to go O.O
  • Mine's coming up so fast!

    To Do

    Complete centerpieces
    Create family seating chart for ceremony and give to church
    GET MUSIC DIRECTOR TO CALL MY AUNT ABOUT SOLO! (She hasn't spoken to him and can't practice beforehand. She doesn't even know what one of the songs is yet!)
    Buy paper to cut out leaves for wishing tree
    FINISH SEWING LACE ON VEIL (lace came from my mom's wedding dress)
    Get tie and accessories for FI's suit
    Pay caterer
    Bring payment and marriage license to rehearsal
    Make schedule for the day, pass on to church and photographer, as well as families
    Get nails done
    Pay cake balance

    Whew! So much left!

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    "They say there's no such place... as Paradise. Even if you search to the ends of the Earth, there's nothing there. No matter how far you walk, it's always the same road. It just goes on and on. But, in spite of that... Why am I so driven to find it? A voice calls to me... It says, 'Search for Paradise.' " - Kiba, Wolf's Rain

  • I am currently:
    - Working on escort cards
    - Creating a piece for the arbor at our venue
    - Making some ceremony decorations
    - Tracking down final RSVPs (our RSVP deadline was the 1st, so we figured we'd contact people if we didn't get anything by tomorrow after I get home from work)
    - Making our favors pretty
    - Making sure that my timeline looks good
    - Keeping calm
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  • Taking wedding favors and guest sign in book at the reception, finish packing for honeymoon and moving my belongings to our new apartment. Tomorrow is my last day of work
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