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Kid stories

6let- He's so stinking smart and has a killer memory.  I was telling them how things will be a little different during the construction.  He busts out with "We can go downstairs and eat on the little tables we used in B+FE.  You can use the mat from Max's birthday to put under his high chair so the carpet doesn't get dirty. I can help Pap cut and measure things too."

M2- The girl is crazy ad clever (and IMHO beautiful, but I don't tell her this one).  She was sitting at dinner chattering away about her butt and pooping and peeing the potty and ends this long paragraph with "and I can play Uno." Um, yes you can. 

We were on our way to Church. It's been awhile since she and 6let have gone so we were talking about the sign of peace.  I told 6let he didn't have to say anything, but it's always nice to smile when shaking hands.  M2 busts out with "I'm going to smile like this!" I turn around and she has an index finger in each side of her mouth pulling it into a wide grin.

Max- He's been a shit since conception.  The other two are playing on this racetrack mat and he crawls right in the middle, sprawls out, and laughs.  If I point to him and tell him to take a nap he'll immediately flop down, curl up, and close his eyes.  He's also OBSESSED with wearing M2's winter coat.  He'll wear it around the house all day if I let him.


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