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Pies Instead of Cake

Has anyone done pies instead of cake at their wedding? My fiance and I really want to do this and we were going to have family and friends bring pies for a more personal experience, but our venue is requiring that the pies are prepared and delivered by a licensed bakery. All the bakeries I've looked at that can cater to weddings only seem to offer the typical cake/ cupcakes/ tortes. Does anyone know of somewhere that would be able to do pies for us? We are getting married in Bedford, NH.

Re: Pies Instead of Cake

  • Have you checked with Klemm's Bakery?  They do pies.  They have a bakery in Windham and one in Hudson.  A little far I know, but their pastries are very good.


  • I'm not sure when your wedding date is and if this post is too late but Lull Farm both Hollis and Milford locations are both licensed bakeries I believe and have delicious pies!
  • I missed this. Try Frederick's in Bedford.


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