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Where to register?

HI ladies,
So my fiance and I were planning on registering this weekend, but have no idea where to begin or how it works! I know you usually pick a few places in advance. Does anyone recommand any great places? 

Re: Where to register?

  • My FI and I are planning to do a little registering this weekend. We're registering at Macy's (because I like their Hotel Collection brand), Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma. We live together and generally have most of what we could ever want or need so I'm mostly planning to do upgrades, bulk up on linens, and register for some small appliances we don't have...like a really awesome coffee grinder or a larger French Press.

    My sister registered at Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and PB. I know I've heard of some people having difficulties with their BBB registries but she didn't have any problems. They seem like a good place to register if you need to pick up a lot of basic items. She used her Macy's registy mostly for serverware, everyday and formal china, stuff like that. She registered for a lot of utensils, and kitchen and bath basics at BBB, and she used PB for some decorative stuff.

  • Thanks so much :)
  • We just finished our three registries! We decided to do Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, and Kohls. I, for one, had to most fun at BB&B! There is SO much there that you can scan, and cover everything from Bathroom, Kitchen, Decor, etc. They also have beautiful His & Hers towels, that I went gaga over. We had so much fun registering - good luck! 
  • We're still in the process... we looked at all the options and their benefits and decided on Kohls (best rewards) and Amazon (he is obsessed and the universal registry is cool). What I found, though, is that the Kohls website is really not user friendly and with Amazon the endless options are sort of overwhelming. So today we sat down and did a Bed Bath and Beyond registry -- wish we had done it from the beginning! We live together already but our stuff is mostly mismatched so that was good for our basics. We still need to make some more selections and ultimately may not use the Amazon registry. I've heard you are 'supposed to' just do two, but I'm not too worried about using three since it'll be pretty clear to our guests that we relied on BB&B and the others are light.
  • We did Macy's and Target - covered all price ranges from fine china to kitchen gadgets. I had a way better experience registering at Macy's than I did Target so I would recommend them. You also get a lot of rewards to complete your registry.
  • So far we have started at Macy's, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target!
  • I feel like getting started with the whole registry thing is complicated because you don't know where to begin! I want things to coordinate, so I guess I have to pick a theme for how I want everything to look first! And then what if I fill my registry with just too much stuff? I don't know.
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    @rachelsea53 I think a good place to start is to make a list of things you don't have but think you'll need or would like to have in the future. I don't know if you and your FI live together or not. Do you have any basics at all? No? Then start with a basic every day dining set, pots and pans, a good knife set, etc. Yes? Then consider upgrading some things you do have if they're old, cheaply manufactured, or really worn. Do you like to entertain? If yes, then consider registering for a variety of serverware, like chip and dip bowls, cake stands, platters, serving trays, drink dispensers etc. You can then select the formality depending on the type of entertaining you tend to do...like lots of backyard bbqs? It'd probably be better to stick with bamboo or things like galvanized beverage buckets.

    I know I've read that you generally want to double your guest list and make that the number of items on your gift registry(ies). So for example, if you're inviting 100 people, you'd probably want around 200 items on your registry so people have something to choose from and also to ensure that your registry doesn't get entirely picked over as you get close to your wedding date. You DO NOT have to have this many items...it doesn't mean register for a bunch of junk you don't really want...it's just a general guideline.

    I think if you and your FI don't live together yet then it wouldn't be a bad idea to start by picking out a bed spread you both like. Use the colors in the bedding you choose to then determine things like bathroom towels, curtains, bedroom and bathroom accessories, etc. For the kitchen, it's better if you stick with white or other neutral colors (stainless steel appliances, etc.) rather than a bunch of colorful things unless you're 100% certain you plan on sticking with a certain color scheme for a very long time.

  • @lmhollister Wow, thank you for all of that feedback. My FI and I do live together, so we have some basic stuff, but that doesn't mean we can't use upgrades! We do need a nice set of dishes for sure, and some higher quality bath towels.

    That is a great idea about doubling the guest list and putting that many things on the registry. Definitely want to have enough for everyone to pick from. But then I am going to want all the things that nobody bought! lol.

    Thanks for your tips on the colors too :)
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  • We registered at Macy's 

    Then, registered at AMAZON for everything Macy's didn't have. Or if we wanted to put something on our wish list from another great registry store instead of having more than two places.
  • I'm so stressed about this whole registry thing. I don't want to register for anything at all. I want money, and that's it! If I want household items, I'd rather do that on my own time and get them myself. I have checked out the website called hatchmyhouse, but that doesn't really seem to make sense for us either. We have everything that we NEED for now, and anything else, we wouldn't even have room for! Does anyone have a solution!? I have read that it is proper to at least register for some simple things so I will have gifts to open at the shower, but I feel like I would just be registering for things I don't even care much about. The only things we really WANT are a treadmill, new bedding set, and an area rug. All pretty expensive things that I'd prefer to get cash for and purchase myself. Ugh.
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    @hkda2003 Then don't register and don't have a shower. If someone offers you one, just politely decline. People will get the hint that you prefer monetary gifts when they inquire about registries and find out you aren't registering. Just be prepared because there are some people who prefer for one reason or another to give a physical gift and you will probably end up with a few despite your wishes. Just be gracious and accept whatever people choose to give you.

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