XP Venue Available in NWI

Posted this in the Indiana forum, but the location isn't far for anyone on the south side. About an hour drive from downtown...

Hey everyone,


FI and I reserved the Maki Ballroom in the old Crown Point Courthouse in Crown Point, IN a few months ago.  Now, we have decided to have a much smaller wedding, and the ballroom is just too big for us.  FI tried to cancel it yesterday, and they said it is completely non-refundable, but they may give us some back if someone else books it.  So now, I’m trying to advertise for them J


Here are some pictures and info:


It cost us $500 to rent. You can bring in your own alcohol (as long as it is served by a licensed bartender) which can be a huge cost savings.  It is located in downtown Crown Point, and is in the “square” – which has several classier bars and restaurants around the venue, good for an after-reception cocktail.


Our date was August 16, 2014.


If you are interested, call the foundation at (219) 663-0660.  Let me know if you have any questions!

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