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AW: Just booked a videographer for...


Most of the ones around here run $2000 - $5000 for the most basic of packages. It's a little ridiculous.

I had wanted one but didn't budget for it because I knew FI would say it was unnecessary. Long story short, a bunch of different things made me realise how important it is for me to have video of us with all of our family that day, and I begged him to let me peruse for one.

He agreed, but was VERY skeptical.

Today, I found a local videographer/photographer who's just starting out and had GREAT packages and is fairly good. I messaged her, negotiated a bit (we needed fewer hours, longer highlight video, raw footage, etc), and it's all set!

I'm sooooooo excited! I get what I want without breaking the bank!


Re: AW: Just booked a videographer for...

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    Congrats! That's a great price!


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    Thats awesome. Im just going to ask my mom or someone in my family to video. Were all big on photography and stuff. Videographraphy isnt to important for me, I didhire a photogrpher though
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    Congrats! That is an absolutely awesome price! I'm still on the edge of wanting/not thinking we need a videographer.That's so great you were able to negotiate to get what you need/want.
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    That's awesome!

    I have a family friend (my 2 MOH's brother) filming the church ceremony, but I don't have plans/budget for the reception/getting ready. We'll see if I can add it in after I start getting RSVPs...since we made a conscious decision not to do any B-listing, any "declines" will be money back into the piggy bank to play around with.

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