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My FI and I are considering a brunch reception because a) we like brunch and b) brunch is cheaper than dinner. My concern is that to have brunch at a reasonable hour, we would have to start the wedding at 9 am and I would have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get ready. Is this absurd? Has anyone done this or attended a wedding like this? Any thoughts would be appreciated. 
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Re: Catholic Wedding & Brunch Reception

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    I went to a Sunday brunch wedding once. It was fantastic, actually! I believe the ceremony was at 10 or 10:30am at the actual restaurant. Brunch immediately following in the adjacent room. It worked much better than I assumed it would and was actually really great. Brunch was maybe 2 hours? Then the WP went to take photos and we did a horse and carriage ride around New Orleans. 

    I think so many people have "traditional" weddings that it is hard to imagine something like this working well, but it was great! Good luck :)
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    You would have to check with your specific parish, but many churches do 10 am weddings. Some, like the church where I was married, reserve this time slot for funerals, so it's best to check ASAP, before you make any other plans. I think a brunch reception sounds wonderful for a small wedding. Good luck!



  • we did a lunch reception.  wedding was at 11am.  we did get up super early tho as we wanted to do all pictures before the wedding.
  • Thanks for your responses!

    I've checked with the priest and he's basically said anytime that doesn't conflict with the 4 pm Mass is fine. 

    Calypso, what time did your lunch start and end?
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  • we had a latin mass so we planned on an hour and fifteen for the ceremony.  so we finished at about 12:15, reception was from 12:30 to 4pm (we didn't have dancing, etc. so the reception was literally just everyone lunching together and that was it).

  • Although it was 30 years ago, this is my parents wedding. It turned out fantastic from what they described. I think this is a great idea. You probably would have to wake up around 6 though if it's a 9am wedding, especially if you're planning on getting an updo
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