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Friday Accountability

B: Krave Cereal, skim milk, coke

L: Chicken burrito

D: Chile lime chicken tenders, french fries

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Re: Friday Accountability

  • B:  2 eggs, 1 pc. bacon (new low-sodium, it was very good!), 1 pc. WW toast with whipped butter

    S:  if I get hungry, I have a small banana

    L:  roasted green beans, chipotle lime rice, kalua pork; fruit (pineapple, blueberries, black grapes); 1 PB cookie!!

    D:  I think we're going to our favorite Mexican place!  I'm either getting a big salad or carne guisada.

    WO:  Insanity Recovery Week Cardio Conditioning and Balance (starting over with M1 again next Thursday)
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    I haven't been very good at tracking this week but the good news is I'm done a pound from last week! Hopefully I continue on the right track. I think it's helping that it's been warmer out and I've been able to be more active outside. planning today sucks.

    B: Flax cereal and skim milk (7), coffee (0)

    S: Banana

    L: ????

    D: I want a date night...sooo....lots of points!

    E: Maybe I'll get to go for a walk later today.

  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN member
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    B - Cheerios, dry.
    S- Granola bar
    L - Turkey sandwich with cheese and lettuce, apple sauce, and PB filled pretzel nuggets
    D - Baked ziti with garlic bread sticks, plus lots and lots of wine.

    E - arm and back exercise
  • B- Banana, fiber one bar, and starbucks

    L- Turkey wraps and apple

    D- Venison Backstrap marinated in something H created with corn and rice

    E- CrossFit

  • Morning, ladies!  H was cranky as a bear this morning so he almost brought me out of my good mood...1lb down today! :)  Slow going (seems like I loose 1lb then stall a week, then loose).  I'll take it though (and agree with what others told me clothes feel different so I think my body is just re-adjusting).

    B: Headed to workout in a few minutes so not sure I'll have time...if I do, egg whites with tomato and cheese.

    L: Either a large chicken, quinoa and cheese salad if I don't get breakfast or black beans with quinoa if I do get "breakfast" after the workout.

    D: I'd like to eat a salad but I'm not doing it for lunch and dinner.  Amy's microwave meal maybe?  And wine.  :)

    S: Apple with cheese

    E: 45 minutes with trainer (upper body and core today), 15 minute walk


  • B- hot chocolate Cinnamon raisin bagel plain

    L- pasta and veggies


    D-not sure yet

    S- wine and a black and white cookie FI got me

    E-dancing at my show tonight


  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @minskat30 - Way to go!!

    B: Fruit cup, oatmeal
    L: Taco salad (ground turkey, romaine, salsa, cheese)
    D: I have a giant pork shoulder in my crockpot. It's been in there since 10 last night! 
    S: Kiwis, mini babybel

  • Thanks @Swazzle!  Your dinner sounds awesome by the way.
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