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Work vent

I'm annoyed.

Backstory:  I'm planning the tax party, as I do every year.  I presented 6-8 restaurant choices and it was narrowed down to 2.  Then another was knocked off the list because one of the partners didn't like the place.  Ok, fine.  I'm checking out ONE place.  Not ideal but whatever.

Manager asked that I go to this place to check it out because no one from the office had been there.  She was also going to look at it in person but she wanted my opinions as well.

I made arrangements yesterday with the party planner at the restaurant to come see the private rooms today at 11:15.  I had suggested 11:30 originally but the woman asked if I could come at 11:15 because she has a meeting at noon. No problem, see you then.

The restaurant isn't open for business until 3:00 but I should be fine because I have an appointment, right?  Wrong.  The door was locked when I tried to go in at 11:15.  I tried calling PP.  No answer.  I emailed her from my phone.  Nothing.

A woman comes strolling around the corner at 11:32 and is surprised to see someone standing in front of the door.  I asked if she was PP, she said she was, I told her who I was, and she was all "Oh, your coworker came to look at the rooms yesterday" in a "WTF are you doing here" tone.

You know, the wind chill is in the single digits.  I never got an apology.  When I told her I had tried calling and emailing to see what was going on, she said "I was at a meeting."  WTF.  I have our email exchange that confirms our appointment today and my manager did not tell her that I wasn't coming the next day just because she had been there.

Combine this with a couple other little mistakes on her part, and I'm not excited about this place.  I left a message for manager that I checked the room out and was ready to discuss and I'm letting her know I'd prefer not to give this place our business.  (Really, the two rooms do not meet my expectations/requirements anyway).

Starting back at square one now will suck, but I'd rather do that than deal with this woman.

Re: Work vent

  • That does suck, but I agree with you about not giving that lady your business -- I wouldn't want to give someone that rude and poorly organised my business, either.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • I hear ya! I've organized a lot of X-mas parties in my time and was shocked at how rude and awful some of those hotel/restaurant coordinators were.  I mean, they're sales people, yet act like they are doing me a favor when I'm asking normal questions about throwing a $20K party in their establishment.

    Plus, she might be the kind of employee who will take days to answer e-mails and return phone calls.  Nightmare.  I hope you can convince the others to hold it somewhere else.

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  • I'm madder at your co-worker for not letting you know she went.
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