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Boston Themed Wedding Favors

Hi there,

I'm trying to come up with an idea for my Boston themed wedding in June.

I wanted to originally do Boston votive candle holders but I can't find anything like that.

Any thoughts or ideas? Fun things you may have seen yourself?

Re: Boston Themed Wedding Favors

  • Also interested in this.

    Thought of doing mugs (maybe filled with candy) but nice mugs seem to be about $15+ and it would end up being too expensive.

    Also thought of magnets, but FI doesn't like that idea.
  • Have you considered edibles?  Those lobster-shaped lollipops are fun, and really yummy!  Or, tiny jars of local honey or maple syrup or jam with printed labels on them that go with your wedding colors/theme?  Or salt water taffy?  mmmm I'm getting hungry...
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    now with ~* INCREASED SASSINESS *~
  • I thought about making the lobster lolipops but I wasn't sure if it was enough or something cheesey or I don't know.

    I really appreciate your thoughts ladies!
  • I really like the idea of local maple syrup or local jam and jelly
  • We are putting local jelly in the hotel welcome bags. 
  • I wouldn't worry about the lollipop favors not being enough, favors are an optional thing to begin with, and most people do something very small like a tiny bag of candies or something.  In my parents' generation, pretty much everyone just did personalized matchbooks as their wedding favors (because just about everyone smoked back then), and I'm pretty sure I've been to plenty of weddings where there were no favors at all (if we did get a favor it was so small I don't even remember it!!).  I really like the lobster-shaped lollipop idea!  If you want to make them yourself, white chocolate would look less cheesy if that's a concern.  But those red hard candy lollipops you can buy are sooo good, if red goes with your color scheme anyways I would totally find those!
  • Honestly, among the things I actually use from wedding favors is a wine stopper. We are leaning towards no favors at the reception, but will put together a bag of edibles for our out of town guests (snacks, water, aspirin, maybe a small gift item). 
  • We didn't do favors but we did have the chocolate lobster pops in our welcome bags. They were a huge hit!
  • Thanks everyone. I think we are going to go with the lobster lolipops and a note saying we donated to either The One Fund of The Jimmy Fund. That is something that we still need to decide on. :-)
  • We ended up going with tea (Boston Tea Party, although the real reason is because we like tea and if some get left behind we'll just take them home).  We bought a few sampler boxes from tea forte and we're going to attach thank you gift tags to each individual pyramid and put them out.  Tea forte also has really cute wedding favors but they were like $4-5 each and the way we're doing it it comes out to only about $1 each so we couldn't really justify the cost.  
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  • If a lot of your guests are from out of town they would love the lobster favors probably. It will look great on the tables!
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