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7 Months to Go! How's Your Planning?

Alright ladies, we are hitting the 7 month mark...how's your planning coming?
  • Dress - Paid in full, hanging in my closet awaiting alterations
  • Bridal Accessories - Organized and paid, except headpiece
  • Venue - booked (our backyard -  no payment req'd), restaurant (payment due after dinner)
  • Transportation - FFIL 1973 red MGB
  • Florist - Paid
  • Flower Girl (my daughters) Dresses - Purchased, paid in full
  • Photography - Paid (engagement photos still to do in the spring)
  • Invitations - Paid, just awaiting their arrival
  • Wedding Bands - Paid
  • Cake - Gift from Chef Friend
  • Ceremony Musician - Gift from Musician Friend, has song list
  • Officiant - Booked
What do you have left to do?
  • Rent Ceremony Chairs
  • Landscape backyard
  • Book hair
  • Finalize BM dresses (BM have been given 'parameters')
  • Purchase Groom's suit/decide on GM rentals
  • Attendant gifts
How are you all doing? 


Re: 7 Months to Go! How's Your Planning?

  • Im almost done but I still have some little things to do! Yipee for October brides!

  • * Dress- coming in May. Paying balance upon pick up. Alterations to follow
    * Accessories - finished
    * Venue/ DJ - paid
    * wedding bands - mine, yes, FI no :(
    * Flowers - chosen and paid
    * Made pearl bouquet for BM and myself
    * photographer - booked. Paying this week.
    * Invites received
    * Hair and make up booked
    * Hotel rooms booked
    * Reception decorations

    To Do
    * cake design and flavour
    * BM dress (BM buying a dress where she lives)
    * FI daughters dress and shoes
    * Grooms attire
    * Finalise menu
    * seating chart after replies come in

    Overall, I'm finished for now. I felt the most relief paying a for most of our reception :)

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  • Slaughter2014Slaughter2014 member
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    We've got our ceremony and reception venue booked. Booked the baker. Booked the dj. Booked the officiant. Working with a lady to compare her price for coffee filter flowers, versus the price f a florist. Eeeeeeverything else we still have to do.
  • DONE:
    - Ceremony/Reception location booked & deposit paid
    - DJ Booked & paid
    - Photographer booked & paid
    - Videographer booked & paid
    - Limo & guest shuttle booked & paid
    - Florist is booked & deposit paid
    - Honeymoon is booked & deposit paid
    - Wedding dress paid for and is at the salon
    - Bridesmaids dresses and girls are notified
    - Tuxes are picked out  and boys are notified
    - Guest list is set to go

    TO DO
    - Tasting for venue is this month
    - pick out what invitations we want to order, then addressing them when they come in
    - Baker tasting (comes with venue but is seprate)
    - figure out day of beauty things
    - all the small little things like seating charts and favors (maybe)
  • labrolabro member
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    Dress is ordered.
    Officiant booked.
    Venue booked.
    Photographer booked.
    Invitations ordered.
    Flowergirl basket and ring bearer box DIY project nearly complete.
    Made appointments for day of hair for myself, MOB, MOG, BMs, FG, and also booked hair trials for myself and my mom.
    Florist booked.
    Ceremony music booked.
    DJ booked.
    Registered this weekend.
    Cake tasting.
    RD caterer booked and menu locked in.
    Reception caterer booked.
    Hotel rooms blocked.
    Ordered our wedding bands. FI has mine and his is on layaway.

    Need to do:

    Finalize flowers with florist.
    Take engagement photos - scheduled for March 15th
    Order and Send STDs...waiting for engagement photos to be done first.
    Shop for BM's dresses. We're waiting to go in May once my little sis is finished with school for the semester.
    Buy shoes and dress accessories.
    Book our baker. I'm hoping to do so this weekend.
    Order favors. I've started an inquiry but haven't finalized anything  yet.
    Small things like wedding programs, escort cards, all the little details.
    Need to find a tux for my FI and eventually get the GM in for tux fittings.
    After the wedding transportation needs to be booked.
    We've budgeted out our HM but need to buy plane tickets and FI needs to get his passport and also get his long-form birth certificate from California taken care of....UGH. I hate red tape.

  • Done:
    Venue booked/Food chosen
    Dress chosen and paid for
    Photog booked
    DJ booked
    Video booked
    Makeup trial booked
    Officiant booked
    Honeymoon booked
    BM dresses chosen
    STD's gone out
    Registration done this past weekend
    Honeymoon booked

    To Do:
    I have no clue about flowers
    Haven't started in invitations
    Haven't looked at Groom's/GM attire
    Transportation from wedding and to airport
    All those little things.....favors, flower girl baskets, RB pillow, etc. etc.
    Wedding bands
    Shoes, accessories

    I actually feel WAY better after writing out this list!
  • I actually feel WAY better after writing out this list!
    Amazing eh?  Once you step back and see what you've accomplished?  I felt better too, not so behind the game!
  • I'm pretty much done as well!

    But, yay for exactly 7 months to go!!

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  • Done
    • Dress - Paid in full, sitting with my parents until time to alter
    • Accessories - previously owned or to be borrowed
    • Venue - booked, deposit down
    • Photography - booked, half paid
    • DJ - booked, paid in full
    • STDs sent yesterday!
    • Cake - gift from FI's mom and sister
    • FI and groomsmen attire- booked but not yet paid


    • Determine final menu (caterer booked through venue)
    • Figure out hair/makeup (probably to be done by friend)
    • Attendant gifts
    • Transportation - still TBD
    • Florist - decide, book
    • Flower Girls- chosen but their moms are choosing dresses. Flower wands project started
    • Invitations - found but not yet ordered (Groupons already purchased to cover costs)
    • Wedding Bands
    • Officiant - probably friend of family, will otherwise use Thumbtack.com to find one
    • hotel block - in process
    • craft projects- underway

    Seeing all of the PP's lists are making me feel pretty overwhelmed and behind!

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  • Done:
    • Dress-- paid in full
    • Venue-- deposit down
    • Photography-- deposit down and contract being drawn up
    • DJ- deposit down
    • Florist- deposit down
    • Ceremony musicians (string trio)- deposit down
    • Cake- deposit down and tasting done
    • Save the Dates sent
    • One block of hotel rooms booked, should probably book at another hotel
    To do:
    • Menu tasting
    • Send out invitations (after menu tasting so guests can put their preference)
    • Pick out bridal jewelry and shoes to go with my dress
    • Pick out bridesmaids dresses
    • Register (probably starting this weekend)
    • Schedule hair trial and do hair trial
    • Favors (know what I'm doing but it involves edibles so not until closer to the wedding)
    • Craft projects: escort cards and possibly ribbon wands
    • Seating chart after RSVPs come back
    • Buy BMs gifts
    • Buy gifts for parents for fiance and I to give to them
    • Out of town guest bags for hotel rooms (can do closer to the wedding)

  • Gosh I feel so behind after reading all of your lists!


    My dress



    Meeting with the officiant on Monday

    Bridesmaid dresses

    Save the dates




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  • JennyColadaJennyColada member
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    We are traveling to visit our venue (a favorite restaurant) for Fi's birthday in April, so a lot will be taken care of after that!
    Also going to:
    -schedule hair/make up trials
    -discuss flowers/decorations
    -food/beverage choices

    I purchased my dress (paid in full), awaiting delivery and then later alterations.

    Still need to:
    Buy wedding bands
    Design invites
    Buy wedding bands
    Book officiant
    Honeymoon planning

    My wedding is very intimate, so I will no DJ or WP or even seating arrangements (so no need for table numbers, escort cards, and we're skipping favors).

    Super simple really!
  • We are traveling to visit our venue (a favorite restaurant) for Fi's birthday in April, so a lot will be taken care of after that! Also going to: -schedule hair/make up trials -discuss flowers/decorations -food/beverage choices I purchased my dress (paid in full), awaiting delivery and then later alterations. Still need to: Buy wedding bands Design invites My wedding is very intimate, so I will no DJ or WP or even seating arrangements (so no need for table numbers, escort cards, and we're skipping favors). Super simple really!

    sounds like mine...no DJ, only 2 ppl (sibling and best friend) on each side of the WP.
    Very simple, very low key...and most importantly - very little stress!
  • Yes, low stress, but somehow I'm STILL stressing about it!

    Most of my stress, however, just comes from not knowing what I'm supposed to do. Sometimes I think that a larger wedding would be "easier" because I'd know "ok, I need to get this, I need to get that", but with my small wedding we scratch our heads a lot and think "I dunno, do we?"

    But I'm hoping that once we formally meet with the private dining manager that she will be like "oh, we work with this person so we can do this for you and we'll do that for you" and that everything will just be seamless.

    Really just tell me where and when to show up and where so sign! That's all I want!
  • Done: 
    - Dress and Veil Ordered
    - Bridesmaids dresses ordered
    - Venue
    - DJ
    - Photographer
    - Officiant 
    - Party Bus
    - Favors 
    - Save the dates sent
    - Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
    - Jewelry
    - Shoes
    - Card Box, Wine glasses, Guest Book, Ring Bearer pillow, Cake cutting set 
    - Apothecary Jars for Candy Buffet
    -Bridal Party gifts
    -Rehearsal and dinner arranged
    -Wedding bands purchased

    TO DO!!!
    - Hair and make up 
    - Invitations
    - Flower girls dresses and baskets
    - Candy for candy buffet + make a sign
    - Cake 
    - Food tasting April 2nd
    - Finish making table numbers 
    - Place cards
    - Groom and groomsmen attire
    - Register
    - Lose 10 pounds!
    - Meet again with DJ, Officiant, and Photographer
    - Block off hotel rooms 
    - Florist

  • Done:

    • Dress- paid for and hanging in my closet
    • Accessories- purchased/already owned
    • Venue- booked, deposit paid
    • Photographer- booked
    • DJ- booked, deposit paid
    • Caterer- booked, deposit paid and tasting done
    • Invitations- ordered, waiting their arrival
    • Officiant- booked (family friend)
    • Bridesmaids dresses picked out
    • Registered (unless we decide to register at somewhere in addition to Bed Bath and Beyond)
    • Cake (well pie actually)- figured out but need to pay
    • Grooms suit- purchased
    To do:

    • So many craft projects
      • Make escort cards
      • Make favors (edibles)
      • Make centerpieces 
      • Make paper flowers for bouquet/decor
      • Out of town guest bags
    • Send out invitations
    • Seating Chart
    • Book hotel block
    • Rent dance floor
    • Get wedding bands
    • GM attire
    • Figure out hair and makeup (doing it myself)

  • kla728kla728 member
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    Upcoming to do list items:
    • my bridal accessories
    • florist & basic design elements (in progress... this has been really hard for me!)
    • wedding bands
    • ceremony musician
    • his attire & groomsmen too! 
    • menu
    • invitations (should probably start getting my attention)
    • night before wedding plans (in progress)
    Moving along slowly but surely :)
  • Things to Do that I can think of: 

    • Decide on Hair/Make Up - Book artist
    • Decide on the guys attire
    • My assesories
    • Wedding Bands
    • CAKE!
    • Seating Chart
    • Book our hotel room - already reserved a block of rooms at the hotel
    • Send Invites
    • Decide on alternate centerpieces
    • Book Limo/Bus
    • Favors!
    Most of the big stuff is done. I'm sure I'm missing things but trying not to stress! :)


  • SehlinBrideSehlinBride member
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    Done List: Wedding Venue- I won it in a raffle so its free! (Except we have to pay $250 for insurance and a refundable $500 damage deposit) Officiant- My moms friend offered to do it for FREE! Cake/Cupcakes-FMIL is paying for it! Photographer-My friend is gong to do this but haven't agreed to terms yet hopefully under $2000 though Flowers-Ordering from Costco and then family friend is going to arrange them for us Hair Dresser/Makeup-Picked out and just need to set up appts (probably should get on that since the wedding is right around the same time as Homecoming) To Do List: Invitations-probably after Engagement pictures Caterer-Parents offered to pay but its going to be spendy for 200 guests so we will see... DJ/Band-This seems to be the hardest thing to decide on!!! Urghhhh...its actually really stressing me out!! Dress-I am so picky and have not found the "one" yet =( Looking for lace and not cupcake style Grooms attire-he is going to wear jeans with button up shirt/vest, need to order Honeymoon-Have no flippin clue!!!!! Arggghhhh Then all the little details: Hanger for my dress with my future last name, garter, veil, boots, centerpieces for reception which are going to be round wood cutlets topped with a mason jar full of wildflowers, guest book which we are doing rivers rocks for guests to sign, card box, finish registries, and I'm sure there are going to be a ton more along the way
    • Dress - ordered
    • Bridal Accessories - Veil ordered 
    • Venue - booked and being paid for 
    • Transportation - undecided
    • Florist - undecided
    • Flower Girl appointment on the 29th
    • Photography - Deposit placed and booked 
    • Invitations - undecided but save the dates are brought 
    • Wedding Bands - Mine is brought his isn't
    • Cake - came with venue and catering so its being paid for but order not yet placed  
    • Ceremony Musician - deposit placed 
    • Officiant - still searching 
    • Make up artist- booked
    • Finalize BM dresses on the 29th 
    • Groom's/GM rentals- not in progress yet
    • Attendant gifts- undecided
  • jules3964jules3964 member
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    - Venue booked
    - Photographer booked
    - Caterer booked & menu decided
    - Dress ordered
    - Photo Booth booked
    - Save the Dates sent
    - Wedding website done
    - Hotel blocks reserved
    - Purchased my wedding band
    - Honeymoon booked

    Still Remaining:
    - Officiant
    - Groom's wedding band
    - Groom's attire
    - Flowers -- probably doing paper flowers, but need to decide
    - Bridal accessories
    - Book hair stylist and possibly make-up artist
    - LOTS of DIY stuff -- centerpieces, signs, decor, favors, etc
    - Design and print invitations
    - Desserts -- we're thinking cupcakes and probably cheesecake at FI's request
    - Engagement shoot (booked for next month)
    - Registry
    - music playlist (our dj is an iPod)
    - Probably other stuff I'm not thinking of!
  • I just got our invitations in the mail! Wedding Paper Divas had a huge sale (25% off entire order plus free shipping) and I couldn't pass it up. They just came in the mail and they're awesome. I wish I could mail them out now! 
  • done:
    venue booked
    food picked
    cake picked
    DJ booked
    photographer booked
    favors picked
    hotel blocked
    guest list finalized
    pastor booked
    my dress and shoes in hand
    BM dresses ordered
    hair/makeup booked
    honeymoon all booked!!
    rehearsal dinner planned
    invites ordered
    STDs sent

    to do still:
    flowers--FMIL is being weird which is why it's not done yet
    groom attire
    GM attire
    timeline of pre- and post-wedding activities
    decide on attendant gifts
    purchase flower girl dress

    The only thing stressing me is the flower sitch, because my FMIL is being wishy-washy and she is paying for them...at least for now, we'll see :\

    Everything else though is breezing by! Having to book vendors so far in advance let me plan everything so early!

  • labrolabro member
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    I just had the realization yesterday that ALL of my vendors for the day of are booked! Now we just have "minor" things left. Pre-marital counseling this summer with our officiant. I need to send STDs still. A cd with pics from my engagement session is supposed to come in the mail sometime this week and that's the only thing holding me back from sending them. I have a florist but she and I won't be working on details until we're closer to the event date. My hair and makeup trial is scheduled for July. I'm debating not doing programs. I've found a vendor to supply my wedding favors and we're doing a tasting (gourment cookies!!) in two weeks. My invitations arrived the other day so I've been practicing calligraphy and I'll probably start addressing 10 or so at a time in a few months. My dress arrives in July so I'm on the weight loss/get healthy/get toned train. My grandmother is sending me some jewelry for the day of and my headband I ordered from Etsy arrived. I have some small DIY stuff to do...but seriously...I feel like I have nothing big to really think about until August!

  • Ok, well I have been doing this since January of 2013. . . .

    • Dress/veil paid in full and sitting in bridal salon awaiting 1st fitting
    • Ceremony date and time secured
    • Officiant Chosen
    • Pre Cana completed
    • Reception Venue chosen and deposit made
    • Menu chosen
    • MUA booked and deposit down
    • Make up Trial completed
    • Photographers booked and deposit down
    • Photobooth booked through Photographers
    • Engagement Photo Session Completed
    • DJ booked and deposit down
    • Bridal Party Trolley booked and deposit down
    • Parents' Limo booked and deposit down
    • STDs ordered and stuffed
    • Honeymoon booked and deposit down- woot Ireland!!!!!!!
    • Wedding Website
    • Hotel Room Blocks Booked
    • BM Gifts Purchased- In progress
    • FI's parents are working on booking the RD

    To Do

    • Send out STDs
    • Register
    • Choose ceremony readings
    • Choose ceremony readers
    • Choose ceremony music
    • Choose ceremony musicians
    • Tasting
    • Choose reception music
    • Choose spotlight dance songs
    • Perhaps take a few ballroom dance lessons for spotlight dances
    • BMs need to pick their dresses
    • We need to pick mens' attire for Groom, GM's, and FOB
    • Pick out and buy jewelry and shoes
    • Design wedding cake
    • Decide on wedding cake tier flavors
    • Wedding cake tasting
    • Make bouquets
    • Make pew bows
    • Make centerpieces and other floral arrangements
    • Make photobooth props
    • Make ring pillow
    • Design and make invitations
    • Pick out bands
    • Hair trial

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  • wow.... iI went on  2 dress fittings and hated, iI mean hated everything. last tuesday we paid our deposit on our venue. um, thats all. iI have a lot to do. iI prob wont start doing a lot of the other stuff till like july/august. 
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