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Evil Chipmunk made an appearance public....

I guess I can blame her appearance on being a week away from my wedding? Anyways, here's what happened...

In Target today, doing my shopping, and along come two guys who have a card in hand, discussing a gift. One says to the other "let's go to hardware- best way to say congratulations would be to get him a large tool" or something along the same lines.

Evil Chipmunk decided to randomly pipe up and say to them, "why a tool, would a douche be too subtle?"

Thankfully, they both immediately burst out laughing. Apparently, they were shopping for a gift for a groom to be for his bachelor party. I suggested booze.

As they walked away, one said to the other "you know, a douche is really a genius idea..."

Evil Chipmunk is currently requesting ice cream and comments for her brilliant idea.

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