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Dansk vs. Fiesta dishes

My fiance and I were registering yesterday, and narrowed down our dish choices to two types. We're not sure which to get, though, so we scanned them both and now need to remove one before people find our registry and start buying things. Does anyone have one or both of these types of dishes? Would you recommend the one you have? Here are our thoughts so far:

Dansk: we really like the look and sizes better, it comes in sets rather than individual pieces so people can easily buy one whole place setting all neatly in a box, but we read reviews that say the colored dishes chip easily, and they're not oven safe

Fiesta: can buy one piece at a time, which gives lots of "filler" and/or under-$15 options for people buying us gifts, has a 5-year chip warranty, feels heavy (I don't think that's a plus, especially with children, but I guess it could go positive or negative), is oven safe, can easily replace one piece at a time if they break, more color choices, but none of the bowls is quite the size/shape we like and the mugs are smaller than I'd like.

Any suggestions?

Re: Dansk vs. Fiesta dishes

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    I am still using the same Corelle Butterfly Gold dishes I bought in 1973.  They have been abused, and my DH says why replace them?  (I would love to - after all these years, I'm sick of looking at them.)
    In the old days, we were encouraged to choose every day dishes (like the Corelle) and good dishes for entertaining.  I have a set of fine china, and a set of casual dishes (in addition to the Corelle), depending on how formal I want to be.
    Earthenware dishes, like the ones you describe, are best kept for special occasions.  They chip easily. Fine china is actually stronger and more durable!  Think about getting two sets, one for everyday, and another for when you want it to look special.

    PS.  I bought my daughter a set of Eschenbach Bavarian porcelain china for $6 at a garage sale.  She loves to give dinner parties with it.
  • DH had fiesta when I met him and he felt very strongly about keeping them for our everyday dishes.  He grew up in Ohio right by where they are made (and have a nice factory store) and dishes are a big deal to people in this region.

    Pros: They are very durable.  Since DH already had them ours are old and still in perfect shape.  Colors are vibrant you can mix and match if you like.  Also a nice variety of shapes and sizes.  For a small dinner the square lunch plates are perfect for us.  The soup mugs are kind of nice for soup.  Made in the USA.

    Cons: Dishes are usually easier to get as place settings but fiesta might not put the best sizes into a place setting.  Depending on the pieces you like getting individual pieces might work better...and that won't be as easy for guests to buy.


  • Fiesta is quite durable.  We've been using ours for a year and have no scratches.  I'm not easy on it either.

    We registered for some place settings and some individual pieces.  We got all of it.  I actually had guests comment about how excited they were to buy it.  People love buying it, especially if you are registering for one of "their" colors.  Seriously, one lady bought us all the orange we registered for because she was so excited that somebody other than her wanted orange.

    We went with orange, cobalt, red, and sunflower yellow.  It's a fun combination that pops.

    Dansk is fine, but if the reviews say it chips I would stay away.  Stoneware is pretty fragile, and if you're going to buy it you want to go with a company that does it well.  Homer Laughlin (who owns Fiesta) has extremely strong glazing, which helps prevent chipping.  I've dropped mine on the floor more than once... on one memorable occasion I dropped a plate on the floor and then a bowl on top of the plate.  I've had no damage.
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  • Oh and on the fiesta bowls thing... 

    H and I had an honest to goodness fight in the middle of Macy's about how our cereal bowls should be shaped.  The registry consultant just loved that....

    Anyway, he liked the bowls that came with the place settings. I thought those would be fine for pasta or maybe a large salad, but I thought they were way too big for cereal.  I live on cereal, so I wanted cereal bowls that are the right size for me.

    We ended up registering for "his" bowls.  And then we bought "my" bowls later.  Fiesta actually makes a stacking cereal bowl that is the perfect size.  Macy's didn't carry them, but I have found them at Kohl's before.  I ended up buying ours at because they had plenty in stock and in all colors.  Kohl's had limited colors when we were finally ready to buy.  Anyway, we have two complete sets of bowls in our cabinets.  His are meh.  Mine are perfect.  :)

    Here's a link:

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  • Sorry for the multiple posts.

    Re: mugs - we have the java mugs, which we really like for morning coffee.  And then we have one "jumbo cup" of each color, which we primarily use for lattes.  The jumbo mugs are pretty large.  They're the perfect size for frothy drinks or an oversized cup of coffee though.

    Java mug:

    Jumbo cup:

    And you didn't ask about this, but you might want to consider the lunch plates too.  They're in between the dinner and salad plates.  We have all three sizes, and we use the lunch plates the most.  We could probably get away with only having the lunch plates if we had very limited space.
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  • We have Fiesta and we love it.  We went with Fiesta because we really liked the colors, the quality, and the price.  We have the lemongrass, tangerine, sunflower, and turquoise colors.  We've been using them as our everyday dishes since our wedding August, and they still look brand new even though they've been dropped multiple times.  I highly recommend them.
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    My aunt always had Fiesta, so she started buying it for me years ago. I have 10 or so place settings and 2 serving pieces in a retired color (heather). It was non-negotiable that FI & I would keep the Fiesta - I love it! So we registered for a few more place settings (in the color peacock) plus a lot of serveware (in all the colors). It is really durable. None of mine have so much as a chip.
  • <3 me some Fiesta! Have had it since college and we both said we won't be registering for new dishware other than perhaps adding a few odd pieces (which we're still not even sure we'll do). As others have said, durable, fun colors and if you buy by the piece you can get some really great shapes and sizes of plates/bowls/platters/etc.
  • Thanks for all the feedback, it sounds like everyone who has Fiesta loves it.

    Has anyone gotten the Dansk tableware? Or serveware?
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