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June 2015 Weddings

My First Dilemma

So here is my dilemma... We have picked our date for June 6. The venue we have in mind only books a year in advance. It is considered a city park lodge and can only be booked on the city park website.  We don't want to start booking vendors until we have the venue booked, but I'm afraid we are going to lose out on the vendors we want if we wait.  The photographer I really want to use already has bookings for June 2015. She is someone I know and did amazing job at my friend's wedding. Should I book her for June 6th and just hope everything works out with the venue? Or should I wait until  we book the venue and hope she is still available? I'm so indecisive.

The venue:


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Re: My First Dilemma

  • Which is more important to you? The venue or the photographer? I personally would wait until you for sure get the venue, but if the photographer is the only one you can dream of having, maybe look at other venues?

  • @silverglitter05 The venue is definitely more important to me.  While I would love for her to be my photographer there are so many to choose from where as my venue is the only one I could really imagine using. I think I just got myself worked up this morning when I went on her facebook page and saw she already had bookings for June 2015. Plus the fact that I have to wait until June to put my plans into action is driving me crazy lol.
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  • I would wait until you book your venue first because, if you don't have a venue you don't actually have a date secured yet to put on any other vendor contracts. Hope it works out and its only a few more months to start getting some things set in stone!
  • I know most photographers will allow you to change the date as long as you have paid the deposit. Check with the policy with the photographer and see what she says!
  • I booked the venue and actually decided on a different photographer. 
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