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Shingles, a month before the wedding!

Ugh, stress city. I'm only 30, and was dxed with Shingles yesterday and it's a month until the wedding. Luckily we caught it within the very small window where you can stop it, reverse it, and completely treat it with anti-virals. I was shocked as I thought this was something I didn't have to worry about until I was 60+ years old, they won't give the vaccine until your 60. I was promised it would be gone, and no one would ever know by the wedding. I sure hope they are correct!
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Re: Shingles, a month before the wedding!

  • One of my friends got shingles when she was 22 because of very stressful work situation, so it can really happy at any time in your adult life. If yours are stress-related, try doing yoga or meditation, anything to help you relax. (Also, I think the chicken pox vaccine will actually prevent it bc shingles is just the chicken pox virus.) You'll be fine for the wedding :) Good luck and congrats!!!!!
  • Oh, no! I'm so sorry that happened, but that's really great that you caught it in time!! I'm sure that everything will be fine for the wedding :) Maybe a good excuse to drink more wine? ;)
  • @ewithnell, I'm always up for more wine!
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  • Time to delegate remaining tasks and get some rest! Feel better soon.

  • This made me feel much better. I am a May 2014 bride and have had awful back pain the last few days, followed by a rash and the flu with no fever. Sure enough, shingles! I started anti-virals today. Hope the rash is gone before the honeymoon. All brides should be allowed to get the vaccine! I'm just happy I caught it before it spread or got worse. Thanks for the post! Glad I'm not the only stressed out bride with shingles!
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