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Officially at the 1 Month Mark

So I'm officially at the 1 month mark and I'm just wanting it to be over LOL.  We have been planning for 2 years and I'm excited that its finally almost here, but at the same time, I just want it to be over so the stress can stop LOL.  All the final little day of details, like the timeline, is killing me LOL.

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Re: Officially at the 1 Month Mark

  • Congratulations! I hear ya...I myself have been planning for 2 years as well! The little details are definitely hard, but everything will work out! At least that's what I keep trying to tell myself haha

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  • Woohoo!! You can do it, 50Shades! Time will fly past so quickly, be sure to take some time to just relax and enjoy each other as a couple :) It's why you're getting married in the first place, right? I think all of us April brides should post when we're a month out. It's fun :)
  • We hit 1  month yesterday, I'm excited and stressed. New job is helping it fly though.
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  • I was 1 month of the 5th too, Lucky! No new job for me, but we're closing on a new home Monday! Life = crazy
  • I'm one month today! I can't believe it. My new job has helped keep me busy also so each week feels like it just flys by. Looking forward to the stress being over and finally getting to marry my best friend!
  • 1 month today! Can't wait! This time is going to fly. Cant wait to see pics of you beautiful brides in your gorgeous dresses. Wishing all of you wonderful stress-free weddings!


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  • I have 40 days to go and I have been such a slacker. I STILL dont have a hair/makeup artist lined up. I need to make phone calls but work has been exhausting. Looks like Tuesday (my next day off) I am going to havr to buckle down and make some calls.
    I did however manage to get all of my thank yous from my shower sent out withing a week. :)
    Ugh I am tired just thinking about all thats left.
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  • I hit a month as of the 19th. Excited and stressed!!


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  • I just hit the one month mark today :)
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  • I know today's the one month mark for a few of us. Can't believe that the day is finally almost here!

    Had my second fitting last night. Lots of payments due in the next 10 days.

    This weekend-- finalizing the timeline.
    Next weekend- seating chart and place cards.

    What is everyone else working on?
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  • amm88amm88 member
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    One month to go!! Can't wait for 4/26 to get here!

    I'm pretty much all done with all the planning. I even have a spreadsheet with the whole week before the wedding schedule and the wedding day (very detailed). The only thing I don't have yet is my dress. It is supposed to come in before 3/31, I'm getting impatient about the whole process of waiting for it.


  • I had my final meeting with my dj tonight and final payment. I have my hair and make up trial on Friday.
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