Garden Venues?!?

I've been looking for garden venues for quite a while now and honestly I love a lot of them..but I'm looking for one that doesn't cost a lot. We have approximatley 150 guests, we're only anticipating 125. Also, we are looking at a Sunday in July with a budget of 10k but I don't want to spend more than $3,500. I don't need one with catering or anything - we have caterers already. Can anyone help me? And for the record, as long as the venue is in Texas, I'm really not concerened with the city!

Re: Garden Venues?!?

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    Congratulations on your engagement!  While Texas can be known for its amazing and rustic ranches, it also has quite a few beautiful garden venues that work well with your budget! 

    Hummingbird House in Austin is a gorgeous and lush garden venue!  A Sunday in July runs you a bit over budget with a $3900 flat rate, but the great news is that it includes tables and chairs for 200 guests as well as tents for unpredictable weather! http://hummingbirdhouseaustin.com/

    The Wildflower Barn in Driftwood is another great option!  The rate for weekends in July is
    $2,200 and like the name would suggest, the property is covered in wildflowers!  Their multiple barns make for great reception options!  http://www.thewildflowerbarn.com/

    Le San Michele in Buda is a beautiful. french-inspired venue! The expansive grounds are incredible and the Sunday price is only $2,100 for 6 hours! This includes iron garden seating for 200 guests.  http://www.lesanmichele.com/

    Antebellum Oaks in Austin is another great option! Their pricing is $3960 which is a bit higher than your budget, but this includes tables and chairs for 200 as well!  http://www.antebellumoaksvenue.com/

    Last but not least, I love The Inn at Wild Rose Hall in Austin! Sunday pricing in July is $2,200 for 9 hours! This includes chairs and tables for all your guests as well, plus more!  http://www.theinnatwildrosehall.com/

    I hope these options help inspire you and help you find your dream wedding venue! 

    Happy Planning!
  • A garden venue, in July, in Texas...is going to be a little bit dry and hot.  Are you planning on hosting inside or outside?  I'm also not sure how "green" you're hoping to find it, or how many flowers you're expecting.  The best time for blooms in Texas is, well...right now before drought conditions set in for the summer.

    If you MUST do it outside, you might want to invest in some way to keep your guests cool with the heat (and make sure to provide lots of water and beverages beside just beer and booze as they can be dehydrating).

    I can't suggest any venues, as my venue included food and you already have caterers lined up.

    Going back on this forum, I've seen places like:
    The Zilker Clubhouse
    The Lookout
    Flying T Ranch
    Vintage Oaks
    The Hopkins House
    Heirloom Blooms
    The Vista on Steward Hill
    The Caswell House

    I can't honestly speak about any of these places (as I said, I used something entirely different), but in previous posts and threads, these all came up as suggestions for other brides who were looking for venues.

    I hope this helps you!!  Good luck!!
  • Dont use the Vista on Seward Hill..... it has been awful. They nickle and dime you for everything. I truly wish we chose another venue. They charge you to set up, for audio, for mics..... total beating. Brides beware.
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