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Are we having fun yet?

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And so it begins.... didn't want a bridal shower and MOH and FI were ok with that. But then FI's family seemed crushed, so after FI talked to me, I reversed course, feeling that I could take one for the team.   Went to set up a registry this weekend, but the experience was lousy. Shower will be a kitchen theme and the only thing I asked was that guests bring a recipe to share with me. FI and I really do not need anything and I'm just not into getting a bunch of stuff.  Plus we're hosting an OOS wedding, so after having everyone travel and pay for lodging, etc, I think it's obnoxious to then have a huge registry which should just be titled "Gimme Gimme".  However, I understand MOH when she says, but people want to get a gift too so you need to choose some items.  So we're wandering around the store and I'm trying to carefully choose items that are not too expensive and we would actually need / use / want.  Not easy and she kept pushing to me scan a million little things, which I deleted once I got home. The sales associates acted like they couldn't be bothered, botched the account set up (which led to an hour on the phone the next day to sort out) and also I found out that they checked the box for Giftcards when I specifically asked them not to. Couldn't help myself and commented how rude and tacky it is to ask for money. Sigh. I had hoped it'd be a fun experience but not so much Additionally, the questions are now streaming in from FI's parents asking if so and so is invited, etc.  Hmm, well if they didn't receive a STD, I guess not, huh?  I give exactly zero f's, but am hearing already that one aunt is upset that her adult children aren't invited, despite the explanation that we're having a small (under 50 ppl) wedding and including those that are part of our everyday lives and are closest to. I asked FI not to pass on these little tidbits from his side anymore since it's just stressful. Ok, end of whiny rant. 

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    Argh. Why are my paragraph breaks not showing??


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    I can relate.
    I was on board with having a shower, but registered only for practical stuff we need, like a new casual china set (no formal china because we live in a 1 BR apt with no dining room to have formal dinner parties)!  My FMIL then complained to my mom, who is hosting the shower, that her side of the family likes to give "nice" presents and won't be happy with any of the stuff on my registry because it's all common, practical stuff.  So basically I have to register for expensive china to sit in my mom's basement for several years until we move to a bigger place where we can entertain.

    This is the same FMIL who complains behind our back that we are not having a big wedding so she can't invite relatives twice removed, all while of course not offering to pay a cent of all these people she wants to invite.  And wanted to throw a pre-wedding party in place of a RD (we are not having a rehearsal), but then when she found out all of our wedding party was married and their spouses would need to be invited, that it would be a "family only" party and not include the wedding party at all.
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    CrazyCatLady3  and don't forget, you'll have to ooh and ahh as you open each one in front of everyone.  What fun!     Sounds like FMIL is a delight lol
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    Holy crap, @CrazyCatLady3, your FMIL sounds like a peach....

    OP, I am so sorry -- that really sucks. I think having your FI not mention his mother's crazy might be really good for your sanity. :)

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    Yeah, FMIL also added a bunch of people to the shower invite list (which shower my mom is paying for), and wanted to invite all the family men too (FFIL, uncles etc.) but my mom put her foot down on the last one.  It's not a couple's shower; that would be so awkward.

    I am feeling super awkward about the "oohing and ahhhing" part of the shower though.
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    When I told my mom about the memory book I bought where you record all your little details, she started freaking out that I didn't have a shower. I immediately came back with "I didn't want one, and I don't need one!"

    There was some pearl clutching, but I got her calmed down.

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    I was hoping to avoid a shower but I have been told I'm having one... I don't ohh and ahh well... lol... 
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    Me either... may have to start practicing now...
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