Suggestions on affordable guest transportation?

I need to shuttle about 40 guests from a hotel to our reception site about 15 min away then back to the hotel about 5 hours later at the end of the night. The least expensive option I've found is a school bus which would end up costing us close to 700 bucks including gratuity. Is it just me or does that sound like a ton for a school bus? Phase anyone used any more affordable options? Thanks so much!

Re: Suggestions on affordable guest transportation?

  • Sounds high to me.  What about renting 8 cars?  That should be quite a bit cheaper, assuming there is free parking.  Honestly, even a taxi would be cheaper than $700 since you can fit multiple people in a car.
  • I'm having the same problem but a school bus quoted me just under 600. Maybe it's because my ride is shorter, only about 1.5 miles. My quote is from Local Motion, so try them if you haven't yet. At this point I'm trying to decide whether we really need transportation. Most guests are local so we might not have many staying at the hotel.
  • I got quoted for one bus 50 passenger $650, but just to drop people back and fourth at a close location in Boston.   Venue to church.
  • I also got a quote for a school bus for $650 which seems high now that I think about it. Does the hotel have a complimentary shuttle by any chance? This is something I'm going to look into at the hotel near our venue. They do have a shuttle but I'm not sure how many (almost) 20 minute trips back and forth they'd be willing to make (we're expecting a lot of people to stay at the hotel)- but I think even if they charged me it would still be cheaper than $650!

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