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Where to buy deep sheets on a budget?

So I'm not having a shower and this isn't even wedding related. But we got a new mattress and apparently the pillow top is way thicker than our old one and none of our sheets seem to fit. At first they go on but after one night the have worked there way up the corners of the bed and we have to pull them down each morning, it's getting really annoying. I really don't have $100+ to be spending on some quality Egyptian cotton sheets but the cheaper places (Marshalls, Target) don't seem to sell any labeled deep. Any suggestions? Thank you!!



Re: Where to buy deep sheets on a budget?

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    Bed, Bath & Beyond has a pretty wide selection of sheet sets and a lot of them are labeled "deep". Plus they send out their 20% off coupons fairly frequently which goes a long way...especially for a $60 or $80 set of sheets.

    Also, I've found they sell a lot of individual just fitted sheets or just flat sheets. Home Goods which is part of the TJ Maxx (you can find all the same stuff at TJ Maxx if you don't have a Home Goods) family also carries a lot of individual sheets and sheet sets for a pretty decent price.

  • Have you tried They usually have a nice selection of high quality products (especially bedding) at steep discounts. I would give them a look.
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