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Short or Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Hello Ladies,

I went shopping with my bridesmaids this weekend and we found bridesmaid dresses! My original plan was to have them in short, but after looking at them on the website again, I am wondering if long is the way to go!  I originally loved the flirtiness of the short dress but I think the long ones give a free fun vibe as well. Are you having short or long bridesmaid dresses?

I am getting married outside in October, so it should not be too cold considering this is FH and I are pretty casual and want our wedding to be fun and relaxed. 
We are ordering the Love Lane collection Tori dress. My "of honors" will be in teal and my bridesmaids will be in navy. I will also be adding a cap sleeve to the dresses as well. My bridesmaids range in sizes (0,8,12,16) and my 15 year old sister is going to be in my wedding as my maid of honor. 

Here are the dresses in long:
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Here are the dresses in short:
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Here is my dress:

Thoughts/Advice? Thanks in advance ladies :)

Re: Short or Long Bridesmaid Dresses

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    I would decide this one based on how they look on the girls. Sometimes if you have short bridesmaids, a long dress can make them look even shorter. Both dresses are elegant and gorgeous!
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  • It depends on the style of your wedding. I like the long for a more elegant look, or a church wedding. Plus they can wear whatever shoes they want so it balances out the cost of the longer dress. With short dresses I feel like all anyone notices is their knees, shoes, and ankle tattoos. Seriously, look at the photos again, in one you're drawn to the bride, in the other you're drawn to the bridesmaid's white legs! And it can get cool at night in the mountains.

  • I think it depends on the mood and formality of your wedding. I chose short dresses for my bridesmaids because it's a pretty informal wedding and the shorter (knee length) dresses are more appropriate. Then again, I didn't even pick out dresses for the brides maids, I just asked them to wear something that is black and not floor length. But with certain colors, like black, floor length tend to look more formal than other colors. I think with your colors, you could go either way. You just need to decide if you want your bridesmaids to look fun and cute or a little fancier/formal and pretty. 
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