VENUE NEEDED: Self-Catering Allowed, Budget-Friendly Location in Southern Wisconsin (Kenosha, Lake G

We're trying to do our wedding for under $5,000.

I'm trying to find a place that will allow self-catering so that we can simply have a dessert reception and bring food ourselves. So far, I've had no luck finding anywhere in Northern Chicagoland/Southern Wisconsin that allows self-catering.

I'm open to any suggestions, but I'd be really excited if anyone knew of a renovated barn, a forest preserve building, or some sort of estate that allowed self-catering.

Thanks in advance!

Re: VENUE NEEDED: Self-Catering Allowed, Budget-Friendly Location in Southern Wisconsin (Kenosha, Lake G

  • I don't know the area you are requesting well at all. However, if your willing to go a little further north, I know the South Shore Pavillion in Milwaukee allows it and I think the place is gorgous!  Good luck.
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    I believe all the Milwaukee County Parks allow self-catering. I had my wedding at Grant Park Wil-o-way building and found it to be very budget friendly. Maybe Kenosha County has the same rules?
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    How big will your wedding be?  I believe  Masonic Center in Racine allows self catering and the  Beach House at the Rec Plex in Kenosha (small venue...capacity of 70ish).  Also, check with the Dekoven Center in Racine, or the Southport Beach House in Kenosha.   The only problem with Southport Beach house is that it's part of the park system so you and the guests have to leave early...I think 9:30 or 10pm

  • I would strongly recommend the Kemper Center. If you are looking at less than 200, the venue is great, and the grounds/location are beautiful!
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  • We just booked our wedding at The Riviera, in Lake Geneva, WI.  It's $2000 for the venue rental, but you can bring in your own EVERYTHING, food and alcohol included.  It'll be more work, but it's more personalized and will end up fitting our budget very nicely.  Good luck!
  • Need every bit of budget friendly venue. Racine Kenosha area. I've already looked at the Masonic center and Dekoven center. Neither of them can seat 400 people. Need lots of help
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