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Wedding Dreams/Nightmares

I know it has been mentioned before on here, but is anyone having these more frequently? 

I am honestly do not feel stressed about the wedding at this point. But I keep having these insanely realistic nightmares about wedding and the logistics etc. Last nights was about the hotel room for before the wedding. Sometimes it is about invitations or even the food!  
They are stressing me out  more than the actual wedding planning!! 
Let me know that I am not alone here!! 

Re: Wedding Dreams/Nightmares

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    I havent had any for awhile. But I did have them and they did make me insanely stressed and worried. I have been awakened because of them. I think theyve stopped though because im almost completed done planning now
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    I had a nightmare over the weekend that it was 30 minutes before our wedding and we didn't have anyone to marry us (this is very real because we still don't have an officiant). The craziest part of it was that everyone was doing exactly what they would in real life; FI was running late, sister was on the phone arguing with her estranged husband, mom was trying to explain what was going on but wasn't making any sense, etc. FI is supposed to be handling the officiant so when I woke up I told him he needs to get that taken care of ASAP. LOL
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    I had a crazy dream a couple weeks ago that my engagement ring broke into little pieces.. and for no specific reason, it just came apart all on its own! That one kind of freaked me out. Oddly enough, my FI has had more wedding nightmares than I have! He's dreamt about the caterer and the photographer - everything we've had issues with pretty much. 
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    I dreamt that the photographer didn't show where she was supposed to, my FI was running late (he's the timely one in this relationship), and then, some random baby threw a seed bomb to me and said "Voodoo..."


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