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Ceremony/Reception in California

Hi all! My name is Andrea and I am having a March 2015 wedding. :)
I am new to California and I am completely lost! 
I like Garden themed weddings...a lot! I love the little cottage settings and greenery. 
I am only having 40 guests (possibly less). I would like to keep the package around $1,000 if at all possible.
I would love an evening wedding and I want the reception AND ceremony in the s
ame location if at all possible. I would love any suggestions on specific venues or even just towns or cities to look in. 
Thank you so much for any feedback! 


Re: Ceremony/Reception in California

  • If you like gardens then you can check out the LA Arboretum, Descanso Gardens (in La Canada), or just Google "LA Botanical Gardens" (as I'm sure there are tons that I'm not familiar with).

    You could also look into the LA Zoo as a venue!
  • Did you find a place, Andrea? If not, look into LA Parks and Rec. I just started researching them and the rental prices are cheap!
  • Hi guys! Sorry I am just now writing back. We are getting married on a yacht in Newport Beach! Totally random but I fell in love with it. lol
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