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Hi All, I am getting married in just over 60 days and am trying to decide on a photographer and saw The Photo Agency in Rhode Island but can't really see any recent reviews? Has anyone used is agency before? Thanks in advance

Re: Reviews for a photographer

  • Check out Addie Eshelman Photography!!! She lives in PA but travels to New England very affordably and I couldn't be happier working with her :)

    Agencies scare me a little bit because they can send anyone to shoot your wedding and you dont really know who you will be getting....
  • There is one agency called Bella Pictures where you can review the photographer's work and select the one you want to work with. Hope this helps!
  • Thanks all, I liked the photos at that agency but find it strange I can't really find any reviews!
  • Did they recently change their name? Maybe they have reviews under a prior name. You could also ask them to supply some reviews but obviously those will be skewed.
  • Thanks everyone, I am not taking any chances going to continue looking...
  • We used Berryphotos and were thrilled.  The price was perfect, the images gorgeous and they just made the whole experience easy.  My husband hates having his picture taken, but he was totally fine with everything and enjoyed it.  The album's amazing too.  Their website is
  • Thank you... I think I might get in touch with Berry but waiting for Garnick Moore photography to get back to me... Photos look amazing! I need to sort it soon, getting married in May!
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