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Honeymoon in Florida travelling from Las Vegas

Hi there!! We are planning on getting married in Las Vegas. We are thinking of booking one week in Vegas, getting married half way through and then heading straight to Orlando for two weeks for our honeymoon. Internal flights seem to be pretty cheap (we will be paying around $1125pp on flights anyway). We are planning this for October 2015. I know internal flights may not be available until 12 months before. Does anyone have any tips on internal flights from Vegas to Orlando? Anything else I should be aware off? We will definitely be booking flights and accommodation within the next few weeks!!!! :)

Re: Honeymoon in Florida travelling from Las Vegas

  • Disney sometimes offers good packages that includes flights if you're planning to go to the theme parks.  Besides that, nothing more I can add.  Sorry!
  • Cokezerofreak Thanks for the tip!! :)
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    You mean domestic flights? As someone in the travel industry, I usually wait 3 months before booking to get the best rate. You cant even book a flight until 10-12 months out anyways. If you're coming during a high season though (summer, spring break, holidays) I'd book 4-6 months out. If they have flights going into Sanford Airport that may be cheaper, but be aware its about 45 minutes from the tourism area, so you'd have to rent a car or pay a $100 taxi. 


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