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What to answer?

So my mom was helping us gather the emails and addresses of the people from my family. While she called them up, several asked her what gift we would prefer, something from the registry or cash.

I told her to tell them either one is fine. That if they want they can browse our registry and decide for themselves.

Was this a good answer? My family is big but very close and a lot of what is considered rude int his forum is the norm in our group. I really dont mind either gift.

Re: What to answer?

  • "I really dont mind either gift."

    If that is how you feel then you answered perfectly, politely and honestly.

  • How you answered was fine.  For future requests you may want to "soften" up the response with something like "I'm sure we will love whatever you decide, we are just happy you will be celebrating with us."

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  • thanks! 

    and @AprilH81 i did say it more softened up than i wrote it here

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