Any thoughts on Cedar Creek or Pettibone in La Crosse?

Hi!  I'm kinda new, but my FI and I are getting married in La Crosse in June 2013.  We are looking at reception venues right now and have narrowed it down to either Cedar Creek golf course or Pettibone resort.  Wondering if there is anyone here from that area that might have any thoughts or reviews on either of those.  Thanks!
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Re: Any thoughts on Cedar Creek or Pettibone in La Crosse?

  • Was just at the pettibone- is a very very nice location! has kind of a lodge-feel to it, but has outdoor fireplace (AND indoor), a bar area, and vaulted ceilings. The part I thought was great was that it had a raised head table, so that the bridal party can see out over everyone, and they can see you!
    If I wasn't getting married in the twin cities, I would definitely choose this location.
  • I live in La Crosse and also getting married here in August. I haven't heard anything about Cedar Creek but have heard really good things about Pettibone Resort! 
    If you have anymore La Crosse questions feel free to message me! Welcome to La Crosse! :)
  • I am so pumped to see more La Crosse brides on here - I am getting married in Caledonia but I am starting the day off in Lax for hair (at Metropolitan Salon) and pictures.

    Pettibone is a great wedding location!
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