Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Atlanta! Where did your girls find their dresses?

My girls will be in town in two weeks to start looking (and hopefully purchase) their bridesmaid dresses and I need suggestions on the best shops in town?

I am obsessed with this J.Crew Dress (pictured below) - I just refuse to ask my girls to spend that much on a dress! We're really looking to stay under $150! I love the thought of them in long Ivory Chiffon dresses (with a small black sash), however I am willing to play around with the thought of short dresses since it will be pretty hot in July!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Re: Bridesmaid Dress Shopping in Atlanta! Where did your girls find their dresses?

  • My bridesmaids bought their dresses at Bride Beautiful.  It is where I got my gown, and they offered the others a 20% discount.
  • Thanks @apshortest !! I'll check them out!
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    We're going shopping at Alfred Angelo, they have a store in Dunwoody. They're going to have a wide range of cheaper options and IMO have a decent range of dresses, especially in the style you are looking for. Bride Beautiful is ok...but I think a lot of their dresses ran high and even with the 20% discount (if you get it, you may only get the discount if you buy YOUR dress there) you aren't going to find many long chiffon gowns below $150.

    I thought Anya Bridal in Atlanta had really great prices on their bridal gowns. I didn't get a chance to check out their bridesmaids dress but it wouldn't be a bad idea to give them a call and get an idea of what their general price range is and if they offer a discount for buying all your bridesmaids dresses there.

  • Thank you @Imhollister ! I plan on heading to Anya this afternoon! I'll check out Alfred Angelo this weekend! I have heard great things about them!

    Thanks, ladies!

  • You can get almost that same dress from a few different stores on in MANY colors and you send them measurements. Have them try on a similar style dress first at a store to make sure they like it. They have one at Impressions in Kennesaw.
  • Thanks ladies! We ended up purchasing dresses from Alfred Angelo in Dunwoody! They are having a $15 off sals right now... score!! The prices after taxes & the discount ranged from $154 to $180. We're so excited! Thanks everyone for your help!
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    That's excellent!! Congrats!

    We're shopping at Alfred Angelo for BM dresses in June. I want to do it now but it's really too soon to order bridesmaids dresses since the wedding isn't til October.

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    I just gave my bridesmaids the color and they all ended up at ross, which is great because I know they saved a ton on money and the dresses were about 50 dollars.

    I wonder if JCrew has an outlet you could have looked into. 
  • I know I am a little late to the game but I figured I would post for those looking at your post for suggestions. I guess it depends on what exactly you want as in if they just need to find a color close to what you want or if you want them all to match in the same color and same dress. The cheapest option I have for both is:

    If you are looking to just have the dresses be similar colors but can be whatever style, find a color swatch (go to a paint store and use a paint swatch if you have to!) and give them to each bridesmaid and say "here you go, now fetch whatever you want in a color like this!"
    Go to David's Bridal in Buckhead! I thought they would be expensive as crap, being in Buckhead and all, but everything they had from wedding dress to bridesmaids dresses were soooo affordable. Which is where I got my wedding dress.

    You could also go the route I am going and meet half-way by bringing the bridesmaids to David's Bridal and find a color/fabric you like and they can show you all the different dress options that come in that color/fabric so they can find a dress that suits their figure.

    Sorry for the novel! Hope it helped!
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