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Have no clue what to get my dad!

Ok so I have been googling things for days. I want to get my dad something sentimental. I was thinking of a picture frame with a picture of us and a quote like they have on etsy. Problem is him and I weren't super close like those quotes say. We have a better relationship now. But there isn't too many quotes explaining that lol. So what do you get for a dad that's relationship wasn't super close but now are a lot closer (at least compared to the past). I want it to be special but I have no idea!! He is an avid fisherman who is retired and spends all his days on his boat and fishes. Unfortunately I don't want to get him a piece of tackle that says I love you...I thought it was pointless. Did anyone have the same problem or have any ideas?! Thank you all in advance :)

Re: Have no clue what to get my dad!

  • Just get a regular picture frame, no need to have any quote on it.  I think what would be great would be to find a durable picture frame that he can put on the console of his boat so he can have it with him when he's fishing.  
  • I'd get him a picture frame 
    a cooler that says "crltx & dh, wedding date, To have and to hold and keep your fish cold"
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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