Houston, We Have a Problem!

I was laid off this week.  3.5 months before the wedding.  Already told the fiancé and he was very supportive.  But now wanting to tighten the belt at the worst time...during wedding planning!  When unexpected costs come up all the time!

Anyone know someplace hiring?

This was truly the last thing I needed...job search stress on top of wedding planning stress! 

They told me several weeks in advance, so at least there's that.

Re: Houston, We Have a Problem!

  • Sorry to hear about this. There is never a good time but definitely not while you are planning your wedding! What type of work are you looking for?
  • Boo!! What do you do? Where do you live? Would you be willing to just have A job to get you through? Some form of retail? Maybe you could pick up a serving job through a catering company for weekend work at least? Good luck, and if I hear of anything I'll be sure to send you a message!
  • Thanks for the support, girls. I appreciate it!
    I'm a teacher but I'm open to getting a 9-5. I would prefer not to do retail or waiting tables, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!
    The catering on weekends idea is a great one. Thank you!
  • That is awful!!!  Try a temp company.  I did temp work to help pay for a few extras that I wanted.  Best of luck!
    counting down to the big day
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