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I've been away for two days, and I'll be away for a while...GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!!

I'm getting super excited! Thank goodness I took Wednesday off/my boss made me take it off. I've been running around like a madwoman.

The welcome bags are at the hotels. My aunt loves that I included wine- my nieces are very interested in the candy in theirs.

My loose floral stems arrived on Wednesday. They are hydrating well. I was able to make up my 3 stem bunches to tie to the chairs for the aisle. I had enough to make up some fishbowls, though I'll have to grab some fillers. My main floral from Costco arrived yesterday. Mom was really skeptical that my flowers wouldn't come out well. Boy, was she surprised! Big gasp at the BEAUTIFUL pearly ivory colored roses I received! I've gotten some photos of them, but it will be some time before I can get them up. Best comment- "Your brother and SIL (just married last May in Chicago and spent a lot of money on their wedding) are going to shit themselves when they see the flowers"

Also got the cupcakes for favors, boxed them up, and they are occupying the top shelf of my fridge. Cake shop gave us about a dozen extra marble cupcakes-score!

I'll be going nuts today getting things done for tonight and tomorrow. However, I'm really happy that I have 5 hours between the breakfast Sunday and the time our flight leaves- I can get my packing done pretty quick!

I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you ladies for your wonderful advice, comments, and listening to my rants and vents. You've been a wonderful support system- I feel like all I needed to do when I was stressed or confused about wedding planning, was sit down at my computer with a hot toddy and jump on here. I'm not going away just because I'm getting married, I want to hear all about the planning everyone else is doing!

As a final note before I go, my nieces arrived last night from CA. When chatting with them before they went to bed, they asked if I "was going to make them stay up till 1 am like Uncle R's wedding" (my brother's wedding was in the evening, and due to a mix up with the limo bus company, they didn't arrive till 1). When I explained no, we'd have lunch, things would be done by 3, and they could do whatever they wanted with their mom or Pop-Pop (my Dad). The younger girl (my goddaughter to boot) leaned back in her chair with a roll of her eyes and said "Oh thank GOD" with a huge sigh of relief. The elder one nodded in wide eyed agreement.

Re: I've been away for two days, and I'll be away for a while...GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW!!

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