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Is a make-up trial absolutely necessary?

My future mother-in-law used to work in a salon with a really popular and talented make-up artist, who will be doing the make up of all my girls on wedding day. The problem is that the wedding is a destination (for us, but near groom's hometown) and the salon is 2+ hours from where we will be staying. I'm afraid there won't be enough time before wedding day to do a trial and I'm just wondering if anyone else went without a trial? I have pretty normal, clear skin with nothing crazy going on (besides some sensitivity) and figure it would similar to going to a MAC counter or something like that... I know a trial is ideal but it just might not work out.


Re: Is a make-up trial absolutely necessary?

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    I did a trail. And I am glad I did because I wasn't sure about using airbrushing. But I ended up loving it.

    If you have a very clear idea of what you want, then I think its okay to skip the trial. I would make sure to bring lots of pictures as examples and leave some extra time in case the MUA needs to fix something you dont like.

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    Personally, there's no way I'd skip a makeup trial. 
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    I think it's pretty important. I ended up having 2 trials. I thought I wanted a glam look and when I got home I hated it! So I went back for a more natural look on my 2nd trial. I'm so glad I did. I personally didn't want any surprises on my wedding day. It's not always about having a bad makeup artist, it can also be that you don't know what you really like until you see it on yourself.

    Good luck!


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    I think you should

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    I wasn't sure about the trial, but personally I feel a lot better having one. For one thing, you get an idea of how the person works, what to expect, what products they use. They also can put their idea of what looks good on you on your face and see if it meshes with your ideas of that.
    I personally feel really excited and happy with who I picked out now that I've seen what she did for me, and cannot wait to have her do my makeup day of.
    It gives you a chance to make any tweaks that you would look as well.
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    I wouldn't skip a makeup trial. I'd skip a hair trial before a makeup trial. 
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    No way I'd skip a trial. We're also doing a destination wedding and are taking a weekend trip to MT to take care of the trials, cake tastings, meeting vendors, etc. Taking the time/extra expense to make it up there, even if only briefly, is worth the piece of mind for me. The stress of going into the wedding day "blind" isn't worth it.
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    I looked into this post because your situation is similar to mine. We are having a destination wedding and there is just no way we can afford to make the trip there twice in one year, regardless of how anyone tries to justify it. Now, having said that, I DO think the makeup is important, but if you really trust your artist and have a solid idea of what you want, maybe you could just get a "preview" look at a local makeup counter. For example, I think I want a smokey eye/glam look, but to be sure I like that style to begin with before my wedding day, I'm going to visit a MAC counter and try it out. I'll probably try several different looks actually. Of course, this won't be exactly like the makeup your artist does, but at least you will have a much better idea of what you want without another expensive trip.
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    If you don't get a trial then make sure to add some time to your makeup appointment the day of your wedding just in case you don't like what was done.  This way your MUA will have time to change things around that you are not happy with.

    But I am in the, if you can get a trial done then do it, boat.  I had a makeup trial and after it was completed had some changes for the MUA.  If I hadn't had that trial I would have been a not so happy camper on wedding day because I really didn't like what was done.

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    I think it's important or as maggie said get extra time added to your wedding day appointment because what if she doesn't do your makeup in a way you like. A trail also give you a chance to make sure you like the style you picked for your wedding day. If you can't to a trail, talk to the stylist and ask her if there is anything you can do to make sure things go as smoothly as possibly on your wedding day. Like sending her photos of the look you want from as many angles as possible, maybe a picture of how you normally do your make up so she can get an idea are you a more natural look girl or are you into more dramatic looks. Also find out what brand of makeup she uses & find a local place where you can go get your make up. Be it at a make up counter or hair salon. The extra money is worthy it in case you are allergic to it. I've been fine my whole life with all the drugstore brands (cover girl, maybelline, etc). I currently use Mary Kay. But when I went in for my trial appointment, well we found out that for some reason I'm allregic to aveda makeup & I was breaking out within hours of having the makeup applied (Like within 4 hours). Not sure what is in Aveda that I'm allergic to and please don't anyone take this as Aveda being a bad products, it's not. I just happen to be allergic to it. I'm just glad I didn't find out on my wedding day. They let me bring in my own products to use that I knew I was good with so no wedding day breakown.
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    Thats a great idea!! Good thinking. We've been engaged since July, Wedding May 1, and we were up there to pick a venue in August but couldn't afford another trip. Its been exhilarating but also stressful- I feel your pain!

    The salon the MUA works in is an hour and a half away from where we will be but I just decided yesterday for sure that I would make the trip over there the day before (rehearsal dinner day) first thing in the morning to get the look nailed down and then i'll have my make up done for the rehearsal dinner, too (although I'll make sure it looks different from my bridal make up when i leave!). Its going to be a very crammed day/week but you all are right, I dont think I can skip it. Id rather have the peace of mind.
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