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@maggie0829 I believe you said you used to work in floral so this is for you lol

Attached is the picture of my dream bouquet except it would be white roses instead of the purple ones. The first shop quoted me at $135. They didn't specify how many of each flower would be in it. Is it normal to ask?

The second shop quoted me $75 but told me it would consist of 5 mini green hydrangeas, 5 white roses, and 6 white freesia. Is it just me or does that seem totally tiny? I can count 6 roses and 5 freesia just on this one side of my dream picture. Should I send them the picture and ask for another quote or does that sound like a normal size?



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    @jenna8984 - I agree with you that that seems very tiny.

    The picture you posted has at least a dozen roses in it and probably 2 dozen stems of freesia. Freesia is beautiful but you need a good amount of stems because you only have maybe 2-3 buds per stem that are actually in bloom while the other buds are closed up tight.  As for the hydrangea I would rather see them use 3 large hydrangeas because you will get more bang for your buck.

    As for the first shops quote, that seems pretty decent, especially because you are getting freesia which can be expensive.  But if you are wondering about size then I would ask them how many stems they are thinking they will include.  Most shops will give you an estimate on stems included but when they are putting it together the designer may add one or two or eliminate one or two depending upon how the bouquet is coming together.

    Also, at each shop, you can ask them to throw together a bouquet of just flowers that they have in stock to show you what size they were thinking your bouquet would end up being.  This way you will have a visual and you can tell them you want something bigger or smaller depending upon what they pull.

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    OK thank you so much!! I have nothing to do tomorrow so I'll swing by the second shop and show them my picture and ask them about the size difference. I only requested 3 bouquets and nothing for men or parents so he probably assumed I am on a tight flower budget. Which I'm not, the groom just preferred to not have any on the men so it's actually the opposite- I can spend more on mine now! I really like how the closed buds look and maybe he didn't realize that either and just planned on using a few open ones. Thanks very much.



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