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Help! No idea what to get.

When my moms boyfriend heard that we were getting married he offered to let us use his property to host our wedding. He has a beautiful garden for the ceremony and an awesome rustic feeling barn for the reception. I am so excited about this because it is absolutely perfect!! We want to get him a nice gift as a thank you for all he has done because I think its a pretty big deal for him to offer that to us. I just have no idea what to get him! Anybody have any ideas?




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Re: Help! No idea what to get.

  • Does he have a favorite resturant, wine, beer, or cigars. Also you can thank you while giving your toast for allowing you to use his property for your special day. If you get any really nice shots of his property give him copies. Also have a nice formal picture of him & your mom done together & give it to him in a nice frame. Just a few ideas
  • What kinds of hobbies does he have? If he's an outdoorsy guy, maybe something from REI? Or something gardening/garden tool related that he'd love but wouldn't necessarily buy for himself? You could also talk to your mom about what he might like to have...
  • My in-laws let us get married at their house and we bought them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
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