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So ladies, I'm way late on the whole booze thing, but we're still trying to decide what to have at the bar. We're just doing beer & wine. I was thinking of having 1 red wine option, 1 white wine option and then 2-3 beer options. We're doing an additional special wine during dinner only (coordinator will ask each table if they would like a glass and distribute as appropriate).
My fiance has picked out a beer he really enjoys that's not like your normal Bud or Miller or whatever, but I know at his brother's wedding this summer, alot of the people at the wedding went with a beer that they recognized. So question:
1. Should we have a Lite beer AND a regular beer option besides the Groom's pick? Or just a Lite option?
2. Suggestions for wines on a BBQ buffet dinner! (I've picked the red wine to go with dinner, so that's kind of the Bride's choice) I'm kind of thinking Hot to Trot the Red Blend...also a fav of mine.


Re: Booze

  • 1. I would have both regular and lite.

    2. I would make sure you have a red AND a white wine. Not everyone likes red. I know it don't :)
  • For beer, I would go with a spread- light, full bodied (aka IPA) and groom's choice. Unless groom's choice is an full bodied beer, then light, groom's choice and a nice middle of the road, regular beer. 
  • Yeah I think that's what we ended up deciding on, so now we just have to try to figure out how much to purchase....oy
  • Are you just purchasing it from a store? Or like a party store? Before we cancelled our first venue it was that we brought our own booze. We went to a party store told them how many people and wha we wanted.
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  • We're getting it from a beer & wine store in our area (Virginia has weird liquor laws) called Total Wine. Which apparently according to my MIL, we can return cases and bottles that we don't use. FI placed an order for the beer & wine (we will probably do a hard cider as well). 
  • Here's the bar list our coordinator gave us. This is the recommended amount of alcohol for a full bar for 50 people. You can add or take away from here, but it should be a good starting place. We're going to do beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, tequila and rum plus mixers to keep it simple.

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