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is this song ok for father/daughter dance??

So I have a few ideas of songs I was considering for my father daughter dance. One of the songs I thought of a long time ago was "I won't let go" by Rascal Flatts but it's not your typical song for a father daughter dance. I think it has meaning because it's basically saying I won't let go even through difficult times. Is it too different to be my father daughter dance or do you think it's ok?? 

Re: is this song ok for father/daughter dance??

  • If you like it and it has meaning to you, then yes of course it's ok. I found a version of "Won't back down" by Johnny Cash and I'm seriously considering it for the same reasons you mentioned. I'm also considering Shinedown's "Follow you down." It's you and your dad's dance, pick something significant to you both.
  • I think this is a super sweet song! It would work for both a first dance song or a father/daughter dance.
  • If you like it use it.

  • I think it would be perfect for a father/daughter dance.

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